Facebook Buy WhatsApp: What will Change?

Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is buying WhatsApp, world’s most popular messaging app, for a jaw-dropping total of $19 billion USD ($4 billion cash + $12 billion stock + $3 billion restricted stock units).

What will change?

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At Last, Malaysian Developers Can Offer Paid Apps and Games on Google Play Store

money tree shaken

Starting February 7, 2014, Malaysian developers can offer paid applications and games on Google Play in over 130 countries.

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Order Personalized Power Bank with Company Logo [Sponsored]

personalized power bank

Thanks to our heavy phone usage and non-removable build-in phone battery, power bank has become an essential item when we are going out. I believe every smartphone user has at least one power bank to charge their device(s) in case of low battery. I myself have 2 power banks. A power bank is a practical […]

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NVIDIA TegraZone

Top 5 Best Android Apps to Download (2014)

In 2013, we were introduced with lots of Android Apps though some were useless but some really emerged out well and can be easily found in many Android devices.

Same as that this year as also this year has introduce some apps which are worth to make space in your device.

So, here are the top 5 best apps to download.

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Moto G in LiewCF's hand

Hands-on: Motorola Moto G is ‘Value For Money’ Android Phone

Moto G is a budget Android smartphone with Quad-core processor and dual-SIM support.

Motorola and Brightstar launched Moto G in Malaysia on 16th January 2014. LiewCF was invited to the launch event to have first hand experience with Moto G.

Read on for my thoughts on Moto G – “An Exceptional Phone at An Exceptional Price”.

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bing bitcoin currency converter

How to Use Bing as Bitcoin Currency Converter

Microsoft adds one more currency conversion – bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency – to Bing with over 50 currencies in its index. It is simple to use the bitcoin currency conversion.

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Normandy Nokia Android Smartphone

Why Nokia Normandy will NOT Worth Buying?

I told you about Normandy – rumoured Nokia Android smartphone – in December 2013. This is an update about what we know about the mystery device and why it is not worth buying.

In the blog post, I said: “If the rumour is true, Nokia needs to release Normandy smartphone before Microsoft completes the billions dollar acquisition of Nokia in early 2014.”

I was almost correct.

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