Adsense-Deluxe – the advance google adsense wordpress plugin

If you are using Google Adsense WordPress plugin then I am sure you will like to switch to Adsense-Deluxe. In the post, I said I want a adsense plugin that allow me to insert different ads blocks. wkw said he will release it one month ago.

Now, the waiting is over! Adsense-Deluxe has all the features I wished!

Why do I switched to Adsense-Deluxe?

  • It support multiple ad blocks.
  • It has options to set where to display the inline ads.
    adsense deluxe plugin options


The installation is easy, in fact, easier than previous adsense plugin. Just dump the “adsense-deluxe.php” into your WordPress plugin and activate it. Then, goto Options -> Adsense to add your Google Adsense codes.

Don’t be scare off by the long Adsense option page. Normal user only need to concentrate on “New AdSense Block” part.

  1. Give your adsense block a name, example: banner
  2. Copy and paste the adsense code into “AdSense Code
  3. Though optional, I recommend you to enter description about the ads block in “Description” box.
  4. Click “Add Adsense Block” button and you are done. You will see the newly added adsense block listed in “AdSense Blocks“, the default block will be highlighed with green color.

How to use it?

I am glad that Adsense-deluxe is compatible with Google Adsense WordPress plugin, it use <!–adsense–> to add adsense block(default block) into the wordpress post, too.

Since Adsense-Deluxe support multiple blocks, to add non-default block you add the block name in the tag. Example: <!–adsense#banner–> to add a adsense block named “banner”. Or, you can refer to the “AdSense Blocks” list in “Adsense Option” for the tag code.

Support Author?

In Adsense-Deluxe, there is an option to reward the author by allowing 5% of your inline Google Adsense block use author’s ID.

It may be a good idea to reward the author, but the recent updated Google Adsense TOS disallowed a page display more than one user’s Google Adsense ads. That means, if you have other adsense block in template(other than the inline ad blocks), you are against Google Adsense TOS!

I would suggest the author put a donation link in the Adsense option page that we can make donation directly to him.

No Adsense button?

I found that Adsense-Deluxe does not add a button to WordPress quicktags, probably due to the button code in adsense inline plugin is not working for WP1.5(I fixed it).

I added the “adsense code” button into Adsense-Deluxe plugin. Here is the modified version(with Adsense button in Quicktags) of Adsense-Deluxe.

My two cents

Note that ads that blended into content often get high CTR. Adsense-Deluxe is a very good wordpress plugin for the purpose. I recommend it to every WP blogger running Google Adsense !

Related book: The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense

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  • Thank you! I got the adsense plugin so this sounds like fun. Going to try out when I have the time. Bookmarking this post now.

  • reallybites

    uhh it sounded so complicated! the enlable ads on individual post etc…whats that? meaning now we dont have to manually insert the ads in our layout template anymore?

  • reallybites

    okies i got it now.but the quicktags,only got the ?? no customized ones for blocks?

  • LcF

    by default, the plugin does not add button to quicktags. I added a default adsense block button. Customized one… sorry, pls add the block name in the tag.

  • wired-head

    hmm…. sounds good… gonna rip it n try it on! yeah! ;)

  • stchatterbox

    I’ve just installed the old adsense plugin, and now wanna switch to the new one: so is this easy?
    I mean, since I’ve added the to my old posts, and if I delete the old adsense plugin, and get the new one, do I need to modify my old posts one by one again? Or will the new deluxe adsense plugin recognize the ? Thanks ;)

  • LcF

    stchatterbox: yes, it is easy. Just disable the old adsense plugin and install the new one.

    You do not need to modify the old posts, because the adsense-deluxe is compatible with old adsense plugin.

  • menj

    Wow, this looks great! Will definitely try it out :D

    – MENJ

  • stchatterbox

    I’ve met a problem and I don’t know why it’s happening.
    I’ve inserted 2 codes, one as default and one the 486×60 banner which I named
    Then I added them to my entry:
    —-on the first line of my post
    and the default one at the end.

    In options, I’ve unchecked Enable ads on Home page, and when I viewed my site: the adsense banner one appear, but not the default one which I put at the bottom.

    But if I enable ads on Home page, all the ads will appear normally in the index.
    Why is this happening? and to give you a better idea, probably, you can click to my site and have a look at the test entry.

  • LcF

    stchatterbox: It is working all right now. Previously Google Adsense did not find enough ads for the page, therefore only the banner ads block appear and not the default rectangle block at the end of the post. Google Adsense use first come first serve method to display ads.

  • stchatterbox

    LcF: I founded one lovely thing about this plugin! Since Adsense does not pay through Paypal, I’ve joined clicksor [although I still remain my google ads on my site], which has low payout! US$ 20 through Paypal and US$50 by check! An international program, and the script is also recognized in Adsense Deluxe Plugin! I’ve tried, and it work out so amazingly!!!!!!! :)

  • Do you have to utilize the wordpress format in order to enable the delux program as I have a couple others in mind that seemingly will be compatible. Right now I am using the wordpress plugin but I would like to know if any others work as well with goog?
    Any commentary would be appreciated.
    Thank You

  • LcF

    Brian: you do not need to change wordpress to use the plugin.

  • wkw

    Liew, thanks for mentioning my Adsense-Deluxe plugin. I was just scanning the comments here and it appears you added your own QuickTags button to my code(??). Well, a version or two back I took care of that omission so now you have, not a button, but a dropdown menu widget which lists all your defined adsense ad units.

    I’ll be releasing v0.5 either today or this weekend which ads automatic update checking (looks for a newer version of the plugin once a week) and ads a php function for accessing your ad units from outside the WordPress loop, so you can control the ad units within your WP templates as flexibly as is presently provided for Posts and Pages.

    Some of the past updates have added these features:
    – AdSense Preview Tool (seee what ads Google will place on a given page)
    – Ability to see what your ad blocks look like (I’m constantly forgetting what colors, etc. I used in an ad unit over time, so now you can click the ad unit description in the AdSense-Deluxe options panel and see a live preview of the ad style).
    – Beefed up instructions on the A-D options page to better help new users.
    – When editing a post, if you use the “save and continue editing” button, it displays placeholders in the Post preview instead of pulling live Adsenes.
    – Some compatibility enhancements to work better with the “Tiger-Style Admin” plugin (

  • LcF

    Yes, wkw. I have updated to later version of Adsense-Deluxe, and the button code hack is no longer needed. Thanks for the great plugin.

  • I encountered error

    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated – argument passed by value; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of preg_match_all(). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file. However, future versions may not support this any longer. in /www/p/pinoymusicac/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/Adsense-Deluxe_WP_Plugin_v0.2/adsense-deluxe.php on line 494

    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated – argument passed by value; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of [runtime function name](). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file. However, future versions may not support this any longer. in /www/p/pinoymusicac/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/Adsense-Deluxe_WP_Plugin_v0.2/adsense-deluxe.php on line 581

  • LcF

    chico: it is something to do with you PHP. Do as what it suggested.

    If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file.

  • Seems like I fixed those a few updates back. Are you running version 0.5 of the Adsense-Deluxe plugin? The update is blogged here:

  • TS

    There seems to be a bug in this plugin sometimes it shows adsense ads without the publisher id.

  • lina

    Hi Liew,

    Are you currently using adsense deluxe v.0.6? I tried to install it on my blog, but it couldn’t work. After installation, I activated it from my wp-admin area, then I went to options -> adsense deluxe, and put in my adsense code. But when I clicked on Add Adsense Block, it said: Cannot load adsense-deluxe.php.

    What’s wrong? Hope you may help. Thanks…

  • LcF

    yes, I am using adsense deluxe 0.6 without any problem. I am not sure about your problem, maybe you want to contact the plugin author.

  • Lina, chances are you uploaded the plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins/ instead of just the plugin file. you should put the file adsense-deluxe.php into the plugins directory, don’t put it in a subdirectory or you’ll have issues configuring it. If you need to contact me (the author) for support, make sure you tell me what version of WordPress you’re running. Direct support requests to my site,

  • Erno

    The plugin still works on WP 2.0 but the insert option in the editor does not work anymore. Any idea how to fix this. The list to choose an Adsens type is there but clicking your option does not insert the required text. When you enter the text by hand it works OK. But the option list is a very nice addition.

  • I guess WP 2 must have broken that feature (and likely a few other third party plug-ins which use the wysiwyg editor buttons). I’ll have to get a copy installed and fix that. Note that the adsense-deluxe plugin does automatic version checking so you’ll be notified when a new version is ready for download.
    -wayne (adsense-deluxe author)

  • Yes this plugin is great for putting adsense on my blog sites and

  • hi liew, i’ve got a doubt. the adsense plugin was working fine in my wordpress 1.5 until i upgraded to wordpress 2.0. though i downloaded the new version, i’am not able to insert any ads into my post though i find the drop-down list in the dashboard. please help,

    roshan, india

  • Joanna

    Hi Liew, after I installed the Xinha4WP editor, the adense deluxe dropdown menu disappeared..anyway to make it appear again? Please help.

  • LcF

    @Joanna: sound like incompatible between plugins. try uninstall Xinha4WP editor?

  • Neo

    Best to use EditorMonkey Plugin for your Editor Enhancement

  • Neo

    I’ve no problem using EditorMonkey with Adsense Deluxe and EditorMonkey Recent versions Has a handful options and customizations

  • LcF

    The EditorMonkey URL is
    Thank you, Neo.

  • How can I make Adsense Deluxe work together with EditorMonkey? I copied the tinymce plugin of Adsense Deluxe to the plugin folder and I enabled the plugin in the WordPress options of EditorMoneky. Unfortunately no bottom for Adesense Deluxe shows up in the in the tinymce toolbar. I use EditorMonkey 2.3.1. It doesn’t work with 2.4. either. By the way, Adsense Deluxe is a great tool!

  • Sandro

    I found another interesting plugin, WPAds, looks very cool for rotating banners (not only AdSense, any type of banner)

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