You Can Win RM100,000 Cash Prize for Breaking This Code [Sponsored]

Bombe Machine

Bombe Machine (image credit)

Are you good at code breaking? Here is your chance to win RM100,000 cash by solving the codes that are encrypted using military grade AES256 encryption. The first person that deciphers these codes will go back home with RM100,000 cash!

Are you ready to take the challenge now? Let’s go!


AES256 is a symmetrical encryption algorithm. It’s being used very widely now and is considered an A-class government standard for encrypting transited data and data at rest. What makes this encryption incredibly powerful is the length of its key and the number of hashes.

In case you doubt about the trustworthy of the organizer, I asked the agency but the organizer prefer not to reveal their identity for now, all I was told is that it is a well-known company. This is a real deal! no joke, no scam.

To be the winner, you will need to submit your answers on the all 3 set of encrypted messages to [email protected]. If all your answers are correct, then you are RM100,000 richer person!

Here is the rules & regulations you need to take note:

  1. This challenge is only open to all Malaysians and Singaporeans to participate
  2. Participant must decipher ALL the 3 encrypted messages correctly to be considered as a winner
  3. Participant will need to provide their email address and contact number upon submission
  4. Participant will need to submit ALL answers latest by 17th Sept 2015 at 12.00pm. Any late submissions will not be entertained
  5. Participant to email the answers to [email protected]
  6. Organizers will only contact participants with the correct answers
  7. Participants who successfully deciphered the messages will be requested to do a demonstration to the organizers on the way the messages were deciphered.
  8. Submissions from participants who are related directly or indirectly to the organizer and the rest of the team will be disqualified
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With RM100,000 cash in hand, you can do quite a lot of things. You may want to clear your credit card debt first, if any. Then you can buy new set of more powerful computer(s). You can also buy a car and make downpayment for your first house.

As a father, I will spend the money on my family first. Firstly, a big portion of the money will go into my child’s education fund, then we will have a family holiday. What’s leftover will be my “gadget fund” to buy items in my wishlist! How will you spend RM100,000 cash prize?

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*This is a sponsored post.

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