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AirAsia logoMy friend called and asked me whether I want to join them to Kota Kinabalu at April 2008. “April 2008?! Why ask so early?” I asked. I do not have a half year schedule.

However, my friend told me that they booked the flight tickets because AirAsia is having a Happy 2008 promotion. Flight to Kota Kinabalu is only RM8. I better act quickly if I want to join them.

Mobile access?

I had bad Internet connection at home. The line was unstable and disconnect very often. I accessed AirAsia website using my mobile phone (GPRS) but it stopped at front page. (Later, I found out that I need to select language after select “country”.)

Booking AirAsia flight tickets

After I got my Internet connection back, I launched Opera and visited AirAsia website. Selected destination and dates on the sidebar form and submit.

It returned 3 days flights for selected date. It was quite confusing at the first sight because I only selected 1 date but it gave result of 3 dates. Well, it is handy if you cannot get an ideal flight on the selected date.

At the bottom of the page, there is a question “Do you require any special assistance?” which selected Yes by default. I don’t think most of the clients need special assistance though.

After that, I was asked to fill up the personal information and contact details. I re-submitted contact details for a couple times because of unexpected errors, probably server busy.

AirAsia supports both credit card payment and local bank debit. Bank debit is good for those do not use credit card (I was, before I got the 1st credit card).

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I made my payment by credit card. Trouble free. Received confirmation emails almost instantly.

Paying 10x of fare price

Although I got the flight tickets at discount price of RM8 x 2 = RM16, but the total fare is more than 10 times of it, RM165. It is the sum of airport tax, administration fee, fuel surcharge and insurance.

Anyway, it is still much cheaper than normal flight ticket. See you in Kota Kinabalu at April 2008! :)

Where is my travel details?

Call me “red blind”. I was looking for my travel details when the website asked me to check it before making payment. The travel details is actually on the top right, white text on red background.

AirAsia Travel Information in sidebar
Image: AirAsia Travel Information in sidebar

I missed it because:

  1. It is white on red (read: hard to read).
  2. It is in the sidebar (read: side information). Main information should be in the main content column.

What’s behind AirAsia website

The AirAsia website is powered by Akamai, the leader in web application acceleration and performance management, streaming media services and content delivery.

However, the AirAsia booking website ( is hosted by Navitaire Australia, a company that provide airline Internet booking solutions. (That’s why you read “©2000 – 2006 Navitaire,, ©2005 AirAsia” at the booking page footer)

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  • Remember I told you that my credit card was used by a mysterious guy to purchase online Air Asia ticket?

  • YellowFans

    Going to buy Air Asia ticket soon too, i should try booking it through mobile access.

  • Nice…see u in KK then. Maybe you can meet other bloggers there.. such as or…or anyone…

    If u need any help when u arrive there, just let us or let me know…
    we will try our best to help you….

  • I have been KK once. Pretty good. Enjoy !!!

  • That’s great! See you in KK on April 2008. Cool.

  • KK is a nice place.
    Go there and enjoy your holiday…

  • Don’t forget to climb Gunung Kinabalu.. That’s what they all say. :D

  • KK here i come
    but Malacca oso a nice place…hehe

  • Rice Blogger

    holiday….remember to go to the island

  • yep.. definitely try the manukan island… if you into scuba diving.. Sipadan is a must. One of the greatest scuba diving spot IN THE WORLD!!

    proud to be a Sabahan… ooops. Cya around LCF :D

  • zaki blogjer

    Other place also is quite cheap. Time for holiday. Yeah!!

  • Tim

    I’ve booked the airasia ticket once few years back. Its quite EASY ans fast :)

    –blog for dream–

  • Rmb to go to pasar tamu (sunday morning markeT), kundasang, labuan and kk peak.. ai i wish i could go there.. but unfor. that time, it was due to family trip.. so it was really”family trip” onli ntg special much
    enjoy ;)

  • may

    May i know when Airasia will start the schedule directly from singapore to KL.

    Please let me know.



  • i want to requst for online booking ticket.

  • steven lim

    i want requst for free ticket

  • Debnarayan Chakraborty Thakur

    We would like to book the Air Asia journey ticket from Siem reap to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumapur – Langkawi – Kuala lumpur, Kualalumpur to Bali, Bali to Jogyakarta, Jogyakarta to Jakarta, Jakarta to Singapur for 12 members

  • thang

    saya nak tanya ticket kl DI HANOI O1 / 16 / 2OO8 barapa ?

  • fudziah

    iwould like to book tickets on 26.06.2008 to K.Lumpur and return to Kuantan on 29.06.2006. Is it available ?

  • where can i take those ticets from?

  • emily

    today AA promotion updated in the system????

  • tan lim beng

    I ;ogged on tyour on;ine booking:
    KL to Medan and the price is RM110
    and return is RM150

    Then when I am about to book there is the final part which shows the fares that I have to pay is double.

    Pls. check why


  • LcF

    @tan lim beng: there are many additional fees such as insurance, airport tax, etc.

  • Dev

    pls keep me update the latest promptions of flights of JB-MRY

  • rohaimi

    how much ticket for travel to surabaya,indonesia?:)

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