AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard

AmBank launched NexG PrePaid MasterCard at July 1st, 2006. You can get the starter pack at 7-Eleven for RM25.

AmBank NexG PrePAid MasterCard

What is NexG PrePaid MasterCard

Similar to debit card, you can use the card to purchase stuffs as if you are using a credit card but the usage is limited to how much prepaid money you have in the card.

How to get NexG PrePaid MasterCard?

Simply buy the AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard Starter Pack which is available now at 7-Eleven in the Klang valley. Sign your name on reverse of the card and submit registration form in the Starter Pack, along with a photocopy of your NRIC.

How to top-up the prepaid card?

AmBank cash deposit machines and internet banking facility.

Fees and Charges?

The starter pack is RM25. The monthly fee is RM3 per month, which will be deducted automatically. For oversea transactions (online purchase?), a Foreign Exchange/Copnversion Fee based on 1% of the purchase value will be charged. Plus, RM1 for Retail Transaction Fee.

Can NexG used for online purchase?

I am not sure. I can’t get a starter pack here yet.

Generally, if the card has a card number, expiry date and secure number, then it can be used for online purchase.

Should I use PB debit card or AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard?

Personally, I recommend PB debit card because:

  • PB debit card is FREE registration.
  • PB debit card does not charge monthly fee. Yearly fee is only RM24.
  • PB debit card does not charge for overseas/online transactions.
  • PB debit card sends you monthly statements.
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My two cents

AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard looks interesting but, in my opinion, PB debit card is a cheaper and more reliable solution. I am a happy PB debit card user. Would I get NexG card too? Yes, I would. I will test it for online purchase and PayPal verification.

Have you got the NexG starter pack?

[Thanks to Shahirudin for the news]

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    I think it is build for those who is too lazy to carry any money… 🙂

  • This sounds nice but PB is better IMO. Well PB debit card is my next card that I’m gonna apply. After long and frustrated experiences with BSN matrix card. :p


    i applied for PB and im 100% satisfied with it

  • Too much charges IMO…

  • seems like a great idea, don’t have to worry about fraud, coz there is limited credit inside your card


    the idea is great, however, the charges is……. Aiks~!!!!

    I’m using the PB Card, so happy with it, why don’t you get one instead of this AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard???? Are you too lazy???

  • pujutengineered

    PB card is as good, plus it’s cheaper. Vote_PB=1;

  • SubKi||er

    the last thing i heard was it is open for online purchase, but paypal..there is some issues about PIN from monthly statement but since this is a prepaid one..there is no monthly statement to get from…

  • e-tech

    Pb for me too

  • Aleep

    i got both and both are zeroed. lol. i got alot of these debit cards; local and international. its become an addiction.

  • RM 3 X 12 month = RM 36 plus charges sumore…PB better

  • Yeong How Han

    For those who are not qualified to apply credit card but always aim to get a “plastic money” to make their payment while shopping…this is an ideal way for them to fulfill their dream. Besides, it also reward the card users with am bonus point too.


    I’m using the PB card very happy with it….it’s cheaper also

  • Though PB card is cheaper, when you do transaction online or offline you need to be double sure that the merchant accepts the PB Visa Electron.

    AmBank Nex G is preferable as you would be assured that your card would be accepted all the time. Except that it is subject the amount of fund you place in the card.

  • LcF

    @huZmid: are you sure that AmBank NexG is accepted all the time?

  • Very well. Nothing is perfect in this world. “All the time” is just literally speaking.

    Not everyone can get a credit card. Life can be difficult without a plastic card. AmBank Nex G is the next best thing to own a card. Besides the cash-free convenience, there is bonus points reward, monthly discount and other privileges via m-coupon.

    Costwise, it costs RM3.00 X 12 = RM36.00 per year i.e. RM12.00 higher compared to PB debit card. Which comes to RM1.00 per month.

    We can use it just like any credit card. Just present it to the outlets where MasterCards are accepted. I have been looking around and no offence, I found that PB visa Electron is not that widely accepted.

    For online transaction, if you have a paypal account and the merchant accepts paypal as method of payment then it is fine. However there is this tiny chance that the merchants could only accept credit or debit card and that their credit card processing system could not process your payment via PB debit card.

    Except for those occurences like server down, faulty machine reader I believe AmBank Nex G MasterCard would be accepted all the time at the outlets where MasterCards are accepted. That subject to you have sufficient fund in the account. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • LcF

    Thanks for the valuable comment, huZmid.

    Here I talk based on my PB debit card experience. The PB debit card has cash reward too. PB debit card is accepted by online/offline merchants that accpet Visa card, even they do not state that they accept “visa electron”.

    I do mostly online shopping and, as long as i remember, debit card is accepted by all merchants. I seldom do offline shopping with the card, I leave this to other readers who using PB debit card in their real life. 🙂

    Oh, btw, I wish AmBank NexG is available here in Johor. I really wish to try it!

  • sushiguy

    Liew, I can buy one for you in the 7-11 store here in Klang Valley if you really want it 🙂
    For those out there who already bought this Ambank NEXG card, I want to ask can it be used to verify in paypal? If yes, how do I get to check the paypal ‘expanded use’ number? Thanks

  • sushiguy, I have posted a thread to your query at Malaysia Bloggers.

  • sushiguy

    [Edit: removed off topic comment]

  • Ryan_law

    i read the ambank website regarding the NexG debit card … the FAQ regarding the question of withdrawing the cash in your card …. and they only mention that you can only withdraw from over 170 AmBank ATM machines nationwide ….

    is this the first let down of the debit card ??
    please correct me if i am wrong

    currently waiting eagerly next to my mailbox for my cards to arrive, havent tried it before …

  • TerRenCe

    i am a nexg user.
    1. worldwide acceptance are TRUE

    i tried for paypal, microsoft online, maraliner ticket reservation, godaddy and lots more. even my local supermarket accept it. because it is a Prepaid Master Credit Card and not Debit Card.

    not only ambank ATM machines but also all around the world that accept Master Card cash advance.

  • TerRenCe

    forgot to add in that, no minimum balance required.
    as bank stated, the monthly charges will be deducted when u recharge next time.

  • LcF

    Thanks for the information, TerRence. I wish NexG is available in Johor soon.

  • TerRenCe

    hmm… the NexG information page has been removed from Perhaps they are not as popular as the other products.

    until now, which is 1 month of my usage, is about totally 1k transaction already.

    i don’t think nexg will available outside klang valley but the call center said i can get it thru 7-11.

    you can try to ask local ambg to see if they can assist you to get a nexg card.

  • corallinkz


    Well, I believed its now available in Johore since I’ve look this plastic card at 7-11 at yong peng. Well, I’m in chaah, around segamat territory.

    The story begin when I went to my auntie house located at Bangi, I saw this card, read some info about it and then paid for it.

    After that, I filled up the registartion and tried to fax it but after a couples days, I phoned the number provided to activate my card but they said they dont even got the registartion. Yes, i’m quite lazy, wanna to get it activate faster and I dont wanna waste my time and fuel money posting the registration by traditional mail although the post office is not too far.

    So, the next day, I went to submit it at Ambank yong peng but the person incharge there I think most probably stupid coz they dont even know how to handle this thing fast, and give false information than I got inside the card.

    Finally, I tried to call the ambank hq and I’m talking with malay guy which help me a lot to activate the card. He instructed me to refax the registartion by a new number given and the whoola, at that day my card is activated. Thanks to that malay guy.

    Now I’m using this card for buy several domains but now I got some problem to buy with netfirm, I got an error to proceed, have talk with their support and they advice me to go to bank. Dunno what problem is but mybe the card. Yes, after calculate, I’ve got still at least 18USD inside.

    Well, I’ll post the update later.

  • LcF

    thanks for the review, corallinkz. very appreciate it. 🙂

  • Lady

    So Terrence, do u agree if i say that nex g is safer than the normal credit card?coz i’m planning to have this nex g and i will use it for my car petrol only….u know sumtime at the end of month we out of budget so i sort out first juz for my petrol n keep it in the nex g so i juz use this card for my car…what do u think?

  • Ken

    Thanks for the tips . I was about to go BSN and apply for the debit card but it was closed .. Hehe


  • ryan_law

    been using the card for one month plus now but dunno why, not satisfying .. have to read the conditions properly, for foreign currency transactions, it is RM 1 + 1% (of the the total transaction ammount) + some offset in foreign exchange … sounds liltle but actually its alot depending on how you look at it …

    and secondly, i checked my balances online after receiving the password and quite shock to find it in negative although it should be positive, i called up the bank to reconfirm, and they said i indeed had positive balance of more than RM 50 but the negative one is due to cancelled transactions … i tried withdrawing some cash out of my card through Ambank ATM but it is impossible cause of the “negative balance” … you can use the credit inside the card but not withdraw the cash …

    on the bright side … i can book hotels easier 😛 …. they usually ask for your credit card number to confirm the room even you are paying cash … you can give them your card number but do not mention its a debit card … “Ambank Mastercard” will do fine …

  • LcF

    @ryan law: thank you. “1% (of the the total transaction ammount)” is a lot indeed.

  • jyramones

    I’ve just bought nex g card. My question is can i buy any ebook from ClickBank?

  • budaknakal

    NexG prepaid mastercard limited for petronas petrol pump. I try used it to shell and it rejected as useless mastercard. anyway ambank must upgrade it and the label “for electronic use” is very confuse.

  • Richard

    Can anyone buy NexG card for me? I want it. I`m from Kuching. I don`t mind paying more for the card.

  • Leonard

    Nice card! got it 2 days ago. Well the information about the card isnt taken off from the website but its still there under different section. NexG can be accepted as a regular credit card but for Visa Electron, its rather limited in local usage but pretty useful in overseas. I am not sure how well it works with internet content publishers for NexG but i hope it can be accepted too.

  • Ayie

    I can’t use my NexG Prepaid card already…
    I dont know why and what the problem…
    I top up rm100 last month and it deducted my money rm3 and i still cant use this card…

  • LcF

    @Ayie: you should call AmBank customer support as soon as possible…


    i’ve verify my paypal acc with my Nex G. It’s usefull.

    and i also get VMI Card (Cheap) about 30 usd plus shipping

    good job, liew

  • I’ve recently signed up for this card and made three transactions thus far including getting PayPal verification and making an eBay purchase. I’d satisfied with the card but there are some things I feel should be better.

    Some personal recommendations:
    1) Fill in the form at your local bank and let them handle the application for you.

    2) Pay heed to the 3-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) code on the rear of the card. There are 7 digits altogether there: the first 4 digits are the last 4 digits of your card while the last 3 digits are your CVV code.

    3) Check your statement over the phone until you get your Web PIN.

    I’ve written more about my justification for getting this card and my experiences with it in my blog here.

  • Stan

    Is PB debit card accepted in Shell petrol station?

  • kljs

    I have blogged about my experiences using NexG pre-paid credit card. Go here to read about it! ->

  • Azlina

    Is it possible to top-up the AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard, the same way as to top-up the PB card thru Maybank2u?

  • i have yet 2 get any of those 2 cards as i m currently using my debits cards from US. i dont get it why they make it so complicated back here. in d US it is just like the atm cards they issue you here but instead they issue u debit cards with no charges at all. i have been trying 2 apply for a credit card but d banks wont accept my US tax forms or payslip so i just use my citibank n washington mutual debit card which is so much better. most of the time those cashiers would go huh? apa bank ini… lol

  • sola

    it’s it possible mnthly fee be rm1/mnth?
    if can.. i thing can intrupt more costumer using AmBank NexG Pre-Paid Credit Card.

  • Just want to long does it need for me to get the WEB PIN for NExg debit card. I really need it to view my transaction history. Thanks.

    By the way, the owner of this website…are u liew ching foo?? just curios

  • SJ

    For PB visa electon…What is the minimum deposit in the card to use at the petrol station???Is it the minimum deposit is more than 100??Becos what i know is the transaction at petrol station is different with those transaction at the supermarket…..

  • just go to standard chartered…. its free… dont need 2 pay… so much better

  • Sharna

    fyi:WEBPIN can be created via AMbank Atm Machine once you have receive the pin mailer.Normally it takes about 2 weeks time to arive after your NXG card is activated

  • Sharna

    fyi:The mechanism for credit card/debit card usage at petrol station.If you are using self service terminal,the merchant will hold the amount RM150 or RM120 depending which petrol station you go(e.g:Petronas,Shell,BP & etc),BUT if you want to avoid you have to go straight to the counter to inform the cashier how much you want to pump,so no holding amount.The remaining of the holding amount will given back to your card once merchant has done settlemnt with their bank.The credit card user,no impact coz credit is given but for debit card will feel the pinch,if not much money inside and regularly visit the petrol station and dont pump full tank.

  • sola

    i’m agreed all comment above….so i’ts possible to ambank make some
    drastic cd ambnk arrangement,will getting lot custumer to join or apply ambnk nextg cd….however,this word to all i give- LEAVE FOR NOTHING BETTER GONE FOR SOMTHING….. GO GO NEXTG FOR UR LIFE BETTER….

  • meow99

    Hmmm I can’t reload my NexG debit card at ATM right now.. dunno why.. always get rejected.. arghhh!!
    I try to call the Customer Care at 11pm but nobody answer the phone.. I thought the CCare is 24hours.. emm?

  • Sharna

    U have to call call ctr to know exactly the cause of the probs. If u got prob, do not insert the card,but key in the ac number manually via cash deposit machine after u initiated the keyboard of the machine.

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