Angry Birds Paper Crafts [DIY]

Angry birds paper craft

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. It is so popular that it even has own store to sell iPhone cases and plush toys. They are not cheap though.

Now you can do-it-yourself and make your own Angry Birds paper crafts! It’s FREE!Uploaded by “little plastic man”, 8 Angry Birds characters are available in paper crafts: black bird, blue bird, king pig, old pig, pig, red bird, white bird, and yellow bird. All are free downloads in PDF format.

Here is example of red bird paper craft template:

Angry birds red paper craft

One downside, the Angry Birds paper crafts are not round shaped. They have a square look. Anyway, they still look cute with the flat faces!

Download and print them out, then you can have a great handicraft session with your kids. 🙂

Little Plastic Man [via @xinlim]

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