Apple iPad, Buy or Wait?

Cannot decide whether buy the Apple iPad now or wait for the next generation iPad? This article might help you to make a right decision.

Your votes

Previously, I created a poll “Will you buy the Apple iPad?” on the Apple iPad post and here is the result:

Poll Result: Will you buy Apple iPad

The votes for “Yes” (39%) and “No” (38%) is almost the same, where the answer “No” has 1 more vote. 24% is undecided.

What to consider before buying iPad?

If you already have a smartphone and a computer, iPad may be an additional device in your living room or bedroom. The touch screen user-interface made iPad a more convenient gadget than a netbook.

Admit it, it would be “very cool” to sit in StarBucks and surfing web by “molesting” Apple iPad’s display screen. :)


Buy iPad NOW if…

  1. you are fine with those “cannots”
  2. you have some extra money to spend
  3. you want to be the coolest person in StarBucks!
  4. you cannot wait!


iPad a disappointment

[via LiewZY]

However, you must not bother that iPad…

  1. Cannot listen online radio in the background while you are surfing website (no multitasking)
  2. Cannot play your favorite FaceBook games (no Flash)
  3. Cannot take photos (no camera)
  4. Cannot make a call (no phone)

Else, you might need to pray for a better iPad (2nd Generation) in the future. Apple said nothing about iPad ver2, of course.

We expect future iPad will have multitasking, camera, and can make phone calls. How about Flash? I don’t think so..

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Will I buy iPad or wait?

I have iPhone and iMac, I want to have a gadget for web surfing, emails, video and games, which is light & thin that I can throw into my bag and go. It is also a device that I can backup/upload photos taken by my DSLR.

I have been trained by iPhone for single tasking. I don’t play Facebook games. 100% Flash website is lame and I do not visits.

My iPhone can take photos and make calls, iPad doesn’t need to do that. Though I wish iPhone can share data with iPad wirelessly…

Seems like Apple iPad is what I want? No hurry. I can and have to wait (iPad only available Internationally 2 months later).

I will wait for the local pricing of the iPad and give it a hands-on testing before decide to get it or not. Hopefully, better iPad 2nd generation will be announced while I am still waiting. ;)

Frankly, my ideal Apple iPad is something like a MacBook Air without keyboard.

Ideal Apple tablet
(image via BitterWallet)

What do you think? Tell us in the comment.

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  • I think you can still play music while you surf the web. No multitasking is not entirely true as iPhone/iPad internal application are multitask. You can play music while running Safari or reading email. And email can be downloading background while the app is close. I am talking based on the experience of the iPhone and iPad should be the same.

    • I used a bad example. Yes, Apple internal apps are multitask, and
      that’s only for Apple apps.

      • Kevin Chong

        Yeah, because the function most silmilar to computer.

  • dainel

    Wait for the upcoming dual screen devices like those from asus and msi.

    • Why dual screen? so that you can fold it? it will increase the thickness then?

  • Most stupid overhyped gadget ever : I will call it the SPASTIC iPad fiasco – NO multitasking Flash USB cam Acrobat filesys, another costly useless silo… better wait for the Chrome tablet and HTC Supersonic

  • your blog title could also have been : Apple Ipad, don’t buy, just will for it to die…

    look at Pee Wee Herman. He got an Ipad also…

    • I think Chrome OS tablet would be nice.

  • why name a product like a sanitary item ? my wife thought that the ipad was a new type of tampon….

  • best review of the Apple Ipad here :

  • what would be cool to find is some comment from Apple Engineers who helped developing this or internal Apple people that knew this would fail. There must be some people in Apple who saw this coming….

  • check out special mouse that comes with it !
    very hot accessorry.

  • Kevin Chong

    If I have to choice between Apple iPhone & iPad, I will buy iPhone. It provide most function, touch screen, easy to use. I think the market of iPad will be bad after launched it already. What do you think, liewcf ?

    • iPad is for those have iPhone and MacBook already :)

      • Kevin Chong

        Oh I see. do you buy it ?

        • I will wait for ipad 2.0

          • Kevin Chong

            I see. why you must wait the iPad edition 2.0 ?

          • It will be much better, I believe.

  • Apple_iPad_Tablet

    Yep! I was agreed, I’ll keep in touch to your blog. Thanks for the post.

  • I think this product, like frankly many of Apple products, definitely requires a “wait and see” approach.

    I say that only in part because of possible improvements to Apple’s own product though, more importantly to me is that more feature rich products will likely be available in the next 4-5 months in the form of Android/Chrome tablets, Windows 7 slates like the one shown by HP at CES and possibly the Courier. While I’m as impatient for new gadgets as any other techie, I just can’t justify not holding out the two extra months in this case to see what everyone else has to show us.

    • agree. I will wait for few more months and compare iPad with Android/Chrome tablets, as well as Win7 tablets. I have to admit that I am a bit bias toward Apple product though.

      • Kevin Chong

        I see. product of Apple is best things.

  • appleipad

    great article,

    i think ipad will be targeted at business users who may not be interested in this sort of stuff

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