Apple iPod Nano 1GB in Malaysia

Apple iPod nano 1GB is available in Malaysia now!

I have been waiting for the release of the 1GB Ipod Nano in Malaysia, to find out its price. Finally, I found it at CG Computers. It is selling at RM709.

My two cents

The Apple 1 GB iPod Nano is only USD149 (RM556.50) in U.S. but Malaysians can get it at RM709… 🙁

If you are living nearby Singapore, iPod nano 1GB is cheaper there. It is only at SGD268 (RM613) !

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  • fatty

    hey thx dude… this really helped me alot, i am overseas and needed a quick check to compare prices, thx lots, btw in switzerland a 2GB ipod nano is about ~rm590, should be under 600… think its just about at the us price, maybe just above… chow…

  • LcF

    @fatty: the new price for iPod Nano 2GB in Malaysia is RM 599 🙂

  • seema

    hi,could any one give me price list of following items in malaysia, singapore and thailandin indian currency
    1)apple ipod nano[1gb,4gb&8gb]
    2)apple ipod shuffle[1gb,2gb]
    3)apple video ipod[4gb,8gb&30gb]

  • Vijay

    would like to know if its cheaper to buy these models, in Sydney or Malaysia:

    apple ipod nano 8gb,
    apple ipod touch 8gb and
    apple ipod classic 80gb

  • suffri

    ipod nano masih lagi mahal lah, bagi yang berpendapatan kecil tapi mau berhibur dengan ipod nano.. setengah ribu tuuu.. apa-apa pun, boleh dapatkan harga yang murah di .