Bank SWIFT Number for Maybank

When you want to receive money from someone outside Malaysia by direct bank in (wire transfer) to your Maybank account (example: receive money from USA directly to your Maybank account.), you need to provide the bank swift number. The SWIFT code for Maybank is MBBEMYKL

Use the official SWIFT search tool to find the SWIFT code of other International banks.

What is SWIFT code?

“It is the unique identification code of a particular bank. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers, and also for the exchange of other messages between banks.”

[via ISO 9362 – Wikipedia]

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  • How much is the transaction fees?

  • Jeremy


    do you have the list of other banks ? like HLB or CIMB?

  • RonTan

    Hi liew
    One of the example is which used swift no to transfer money direct to your bank account in malaysia.

  • Najib Hassan

    waaaaaaaaa……..very very useful infomation meh..thanks to mybank 😀 can accept illegal money meh? hihiihih

  • dev

    just go to SWIFT search tool (the link that liew provide) and search in there

  • steven

    Searched using maybank and Malaysia (country), 2 results returned.


    Which one says MBBEMYKL?

  • dev

    i think liew forget to put XXX after MBBEMYKL

  • William

    Co-incidentally I just called Maybank SS2 branch this morning, the swift code is MBBEMYKL. Why the search tool results MBBEMYKAXXX? Hehe… hope we have expert explain. It is interesting knowledge. Thanks for sharing here… hehehe.

  • Fye

    How much is Maybank’s fee for receiving TT from abroad?

  • Mikes

    It not easy to wire/tt transfer money from US back to Msia bank account. Besides just providing the swift code of the msia bank, you also need to provide an US intermediary bank details meaning that this bank will act as a middle man to transfer money from US to Malaysia.

  • soud

    please if any one know about hong leong bank berhad penang swift code ?

  • can u pls help me what is the swift code for maybank in seri manjung, perak, malayasia
    or sitiawan, perak , malaysia