Batch Category Editing For WordPress

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Sometimes I need to sort and edit categories for my past posts. It is great headache by using WordPress default post edit mode. The fastest way to edit posts’ category is by firing SQL queries in phpMyAdmin, but it is not the easy way.

This morning I added new sub category “Video” under “Cute & Funny” to keep all video posts in it, and the headache come after that. I need to look for the video posts in “Cute & Funny” category and edit each of them to be keep under “Video” category.

Just try my luck, I search for batch category editing in WordPress (I wonder other blog tool has it by default or not), and I found Batch Category Editing For WordPress!

Tried it and it works fine! A must have for all WordPress user. :)

In order to view all posts under a category, you MUST NOT use “posts paged” mode in WordPress Options -> Reading. Temporary changed it to “posts” before editing category and change it back later, if you want to use “posts paged”.

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4 Responses to Batch Category Editing For WordPress

  1. lucia August 20, 2004 at 11:52 am #

    mind to ask some Qs, lcf?

    is using wordpress free? do we have to have own server to use it?
    is it easy to use, esp. for non techie savvy person like me?


  2. LcF August 21, 2004 at 1:04 am #

    lucia, if you know how to use blogger then wordpress should not be a problem. WordPress is open source software and it is free. You need a webhost that support PHP and MySQL in order to use WordPress.

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