Best Malaysia Bank to Deposit Adsense Cheque

STOP paying bank charges, now you can receive AdSense money immediately via Western Union!

Got your first Google Adsense cheque (check)? Congratulations! Now, it is time to bank in your check. I will show you a comparison of processing fee between local banks.

Which is best Malaysia bank to bank in U.S. check?

Generally, the exchange rate and check processing time are about the same among local banks. The exchange rate is between 3.77 to 3.78 (check current exchange rate). The time to process the check will take about one month.

According to the thread I started in and readers’ feedback, here is the comparison of US check processing fee(per check) between different Malaysia local banks. Not sorted in any order.

  • Hong Leong Bank: RM50 + RM10 (courier) + USD75 (Citibank Delaware)
  • MayBank::
    • 0.1% of the cheque amount drawn in RM with minimum of RM25.00 and maximum of RM100.00
  • PublicBank:
    • 0.1% of cheque amount (min: RM20, max: RM100)
    • Postage: RM5
    • Stamp duty: RM0.15
  • HSBC:
    • 0.1% of cheque amount (min: RM10, max: RM100)
    • Stamp duty – RM0.15 per cheque
    • Other charges – below 10k = RM1.15
  • EON Bank: RM10
  • BCB (CIMB):
    • 0.1% charge (min: RM5, max: RM100)
    • Postage: RM5
    • Stamp duty: RM0.15
    • The 0.1% is only applicable if it is above USD 1000.

    Note: You can deposit your check to the home branch only. But, you can mail your check to your BCB account’s home branch for bank-in.

  • RHB:
    • Postage: RM5.00
    • Stamp Duty: RM0.15
    • Commission: 0.1% of your cheque amount (minimum RM 10.00 and maximum RM 100.00)
  • Standard Chartered: 0.01% of cheque amount OR min RM 50.
  • Bank Muamalat: RM5
  • Alliance: ~RM70
  • Southern Bank: RM30 + RM0.15 stamp duty.

Note: Result is compiled from the forum thread and comments in this page, no personal verification done. If you have updated information of any bank’s check processing fee, please let us know in the comment.


  • 19 July 2007: Updated HSBC charge. Thanks, zaki blogjer
  • 5 December 2006: Added Southern Bank charge. Thanks, Sherly
  • 8 Oct 2006: Updated RHB charge. Thanks, Lela Iskandar
  • 13 June 2006: Updated Public Bank charge. Thanks, gazard.
  • 12 February 2006: Added Alliance charge. Thanks, ShaolinTiger.
  • 25 December 2005: Added Bank Muamalat charge. Thanks, menj.
  • 29 August 2005: Updated BCB charge. Thanks, kahsoon.
  • 26 August 2005: Updated RHB charge. Thanks, Ben.
  • 17 August 2005: Updated RHB charge and added Standard Chartered info. Thanks, Looi.
  • 6 August 2005: Updated Maybank charge. Thanks, Paul Tan.
  • 12 June 2005: Updated Maybank charge. Thanks, TienSoon.

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  • hanyi

    good job there with the comparison, liew. it will definitely help many bloggers to compare and cut down on the processing charges. and if anyone found out more infos, please inform liew so he can update it here and in the forum for everyone to learn from. once again, good job, thanks and keep up the good work :)

  • kahsoon

    liew, why u dowan use rhb instead? like u said…free ma….im getting my first cheque pretty soon….took 3 months to reach my first USD100 =.=

  • LcF

    kahsoon: I am too late to found out that RHB is FREE charge!

  • i wont use RHB as the BCB branch is nearer to my house. I’ve also applied for BCB internet banking

  • wired.pod

    btw, can the person’s name to be in order of [First Name] [Last Name] or must it follow the IC style… ?

  • LcF

    @wired.pod: no problem, the order of first/last name is not important, as long as it is your name. :)

  • Damn man, I got only Hong Leong bank :P

  • red

    for public bank it has to be home branch too.

  • Thanks very much for this information! I shall post about this on my blog!

  • eklim

    ermm… any idea on OCBC bank conversion charges ?

  • Though RHB is free and all, they are the one that started fees on ATM cards and all, followed by Maybank, etc … then only standardized by BNM.

    Maybank used to charge only RM7 something I think … until they started the RM25 + $10. I used to clear my cheques with them.

    So as for RHB, we never know how long that free is going to stand, especially when they know what other banks are charging.

  • Urm.. question on the Maybank payment.. why issit..

    RM25 + USD10 ? (how’d the USD10 get in there..?)

  • LcF

    USD10 is the Charge for Oversea bank(Citibank deliware).

  • Why don’t add cnversion rate in as well… Maybe some give free but the conversion rate is like 3.6 while some charge RM20 the conversion rate is 3.8 That make big different for big amount of USD check.

  • LcF

    there is no fixed conversion rate, the bank will use the conversion rate of the date. Therefore, every bank has very similar conversion rate, normally around 3.7. You never get 3.8. :)

    (BCB is 3.775)

  • anon

    i use telegraphic transfer.
    fast, takes 2-3 days but cost USD40 per transfer.

  • The charges I got for Maybank is different. They said they’ll charge me USD15, and the overseas bank will charge something too. Freaking expensive!

  • LcF

    Thanks you for the info, Paul.

  • Checked with RHB today (17-Aug-05). They do charge fee and they have no idea the US agent fee to clear which can go anyway from USD 10 onwards. Need 1 month to clear.
    Checked with Standard Chartered, the fee is 0.01% of cheque amount or min RM 50.

  • LcF

    Thank you, Looi. Is it possible to confirm the RHB fee?

  • Ben

    I have checked with 2 different branch of RHB bank and the officer said that the foreign check(US) will be impose RM15.15, and about 1 months to clear the check.

    At the same time , also checked with BCB and their fee are

    Less Than RM5000 Total Fee : RM5 + 0.01%
    More Than RM5000 Total Fee RM10

    RHB charges is slightly higher than BCB but it very convient since many branch of RHB open on Saturday and even Sunday ! until 6pm ..I find it very convenient to me as I am working during weekday.

  • Hi guys,
    Here’s my experience with BCB:

    For check below US $1000, BCB charges only RM10
    For check above US $1000, BCB charges US$15 + RM10

    Mohd Fairuz
    Adsense Insider Secrets

  • Wahhhh…I rugi banyak liao. I thot Maybank should be reasonable. But I only have accounts with Maybank and UOB wor.

  • LcF

    that’s why I open a new bank account at BCB :)

  • david

    if you really want to cash it fast, consider Southern Bank JinJang branch
    only takes 2weeks ++, the price to pay is very high fees RM70 + not too good conversation rate of 3.65

  • With BCB, the fastest I got my check cleared = 2 weeks. The latest 35 days. The conversion rate is good. Previously at 3.77 now at 3.741.

  • Here’s a link for Southern Bank charges:

    The gist:
    “Southern Bank will charge RM30 as service fee and RM0.15 for stamp duty.
    It will take 21 days to clear. Therefore, the exchange rate will depend on the 21st day rather than the day you banked in the cheque.”

  • menj

    I can confirm that Bank Muamalat charges only RM5 for processing. Probably the lowest in your list :D

    – MENJ

  • Chin Chiun

    Hello guys,
    I just wanna ask after u guys requested the USD cheque, how long does it take to reach malaysia? and wat postal service u guys use? Courier or just normal mail? if normal mail how long?Is it safe??? HOpe someone can reply me. THanks


  • LcF

    Chin Chiun: it is normal mail, it takes 2 weeks.

  • Chin Chiun

    Thanks for ur reply LCF. Anyway i have requested for courier for my cheque coz it’s quite a big amount and i dun wanna loose it. Another question is i thinking of opening an account in BCB bank. A normal saving account will do for banking a USD cheque?Thanks.

  • LcF

    Yes, a normal saving account will do.

  • koonming


    I heard that now BCB charging extra 10 – 20 USD for oversea party bank charge ?

    Can anyone confirm it ?

    I just bankin my check today ! Hopefully does not have extra charges ..

  • LcF

    @koonming: BCB only charge RM10 for my last cheque (Oct 05)

  • Alliance charged me around 70RM in total for each cheque, most of it was accounted for by the courier charge (The cheque has to physically go back to USA to be verified).

  • Big-Daddy

    I’m about to open a BCB acc. Still free of charge now? Anyone know how to change the payee name in clickbank?

  • LcF

    @Big-Daddy: open a bank account is free of charge.

  • Big-Daddy

    i meant the processing fee is free

  • LcF

    BCB never provides FOC cheque clearing service.

  • Just bank in my 1st adsense check to Public Bank.
    The charges have changed:
    0.1% for the check amount, minimun RM20
    Postage – RM5
    Stamp Duty – RM0.15
    Current exchange rate is around RM3.54

  • LcF

    Thank you, gazard.

  • Liew..remember a few days ago i asked you about can Google resend the cheque?Yesterday i received my first AdSense check. Believe it or not, it takes a month and a half to reach to my mailox. The payment date was April 1st (is Google was playing April fool with me?). I really thought the cheque will not arrive as my other 2 affiliate cheques which was mailed later than my AdSense check arrived first to my mailbox. I dont know why it took a long time but Google said they really can resend the cheque if it still not arrive on this May 25th. I still dont know which bank to debit the cheque, maybe Public Bank as it has lower the fees.

  • Ainuddin Mohamad

    Thanks a million for giving a comparison.
    Need to change to a better bank.

  • Anyone know how to change the payee name in clickbank?

    I don’t think that’s possible. If you want to change address, than that’s okay but you’ll need to contact them, and they’ll change it manually.

  • leng

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic but since this blog entry is about banks in Malaysia.. I thought I ask which bank will you suggest to me to start an account. I’m malaysian-chinese who works overseas (contract) and plan to open a savings account in malaysia on my coming vacation. I am thinking of opening account in RHB or Maybank but I’m not sure which is better. I want online banking so I can access my account even if I’m overseas. I will need the account to deposit checks issued by Google adsense and Paypal. I’d like also to use the savings account as debit card so it’ll be easy for me to pay some bills.

    I will really appreciate any suggestion – do I go for RHB or Maybank?

    Many thanks.

  • Dan

    I called Affin Bank and the fee is RM20.15.

  • Daniel

    Hi Liew!

    Recently I opened an account with AmBank for the purpose of deposting my USD cheque.

    AmBank told me there is no other fees charges imposed for
    depositing of foreign currency cheque(s) besides the the standard collection charges fee (0.1% flat, subject to a minimum of RM5.00 and maximum of RM100.00).

    I found out that there is a differences of USD$15 for one of the USD cheque deposited. After making enquiry with the bank, I was told any USD cheque amount exceeded RM1,000 will have USD15 fees.

    This is shocking in comparison to the email reply I got above saying no other fees bsides the standard collection fee.

    I was thinking of opening an account with BBMB since many of you here recommneded BBMB.

    How about you Liew? What bank are you using?

    Is there any extra charges or fees for depositing of USD cheque when the amount exceed RM1,000 for BBMB account?

    Thank you.

  • I have just received the real rate for RHB. I have used it but this time my conversion is really low. I contacted the bank support via email and this is the reply about the rate:-

    “Further to your inquiry, kindly be informed that the charges imposed for foreign cheque will be as follows:
    1. Postage: RM5.00
    2. Stamp Duty: RM0.15
    3. Commission: 0.1% of your cheque amount (minimum RM 10.00 and maximum RM 100.00)”

    Thus, it’s not a fixed $15.15. That is the minimum.

    [Edited by request]

  • liew, pls delete my earlier comment. calculation error made at the 0.1% x 200. That should be = 0.2.

    However, the RHB bank rate is correct.

  • LcF

    @Lela Iskandar: you mean 0.2% comission?

  • Liew, I wrote that 0.1% comission is = US20
    That was wrongly calculated. So you can delete the comment from that point on.

  • LcF

    @Lela Iskandar: Thank you. RHB rate updated.

  • Hi, I’m using Southern Bank , they took a commission charge of RM 30 + 0.15 Stamp Duty. Check takes 1 month to clear. One thing I don’t like about the bank is they always ask me how I got the check, what is the purpose of the payment whenever I banked in. No privacy >

  • colbert

    so far Im using BCB and they only charge Rm0.15 each time I deposit a check. weird.

  • And I am still using Maybank ‘cos too lazy to open a new account. Each month, I kena deduct a lot from Maybank. So, nowadays, I prefer to take PayPal and cash it. Except cannot do it with Adsense’s cheque but am taking Paypal for ReviewME, Text Link Ads and PayPerPost.

  • Daniel

    colbert… are you sure? wait till the bank send you remittance advice via post.

    There will be RM10 commission plus another USD$15 for agent fee if your cheque amount is USD$1,000 or more.

    So now I am donating more than RM60 every month to BCB.

    lilian… How do you cash out for your paypal?

  • LcF,
    can you include period for the check to be cleared for each bank?

  • Lim

    I use Maybank and totally loss RM62 for each transaction of Adsense cheque. So, I hold my payment to let the money roll and then release, then forget to hold. They just send me small amount on cheque that causing the transaction loss.

    Why not Adsense let us select desire amount for payment release? For example, I want them automatically release payment after reaching US$500.

  • Liew,

    Thanks for the info. I really need it.

  • Based on the above, can I say HSBC is the best?
    RM11 is charged no matter the total sum of the cheque amount?

  • can you include period for the check to be cleared for each bank?”

    Yeah that would be useful!

  • LcF

    It will takes about a month to clear the cheque, it applies to most banks.

  • For HSBC,
    – do we have to go to home bank
    – can we use the check deposit machine…

    For CIMB
    – do we still need to go to home bank to settle our check
    – ca we use the check deposit machine..


    p/s: just receive my first check too…eager to know this things… :)

  • sq

    for HSBC, I don’t think you need to go to your home bank, unlike CIMB which makes you to do so which I think is pretty rediculous. And yes for HSBC you can use a cheque deposit machine. I write my name and account number at the back and sign it. I’ve always been using HSBC -RM 11.30 charge regardless amount of check and the time it takes is about a month.

  • thks sq,

    that’s the only answer I need….

    ~ is it I need to sign and write my details inside the space labeled as payee’s endorsement? sorry for such silly question…don’t want to make any mistake depositing my first check :P

    as for CIMB, i do find it ridiculous, but i thought things might change after they change from bcb to cimb….who knows, mayb someone can update here..

    thks again….


  • LcF

    @miss Lily:

    ~ is it I need to sign and write my details inside the space labeled as payee’s endorsement?

    Yes, write your full name, phone no., account no., and sign in the space.

    Nothing change from BCB to CIMB that I noticed.

  • another problem…for me…

    I went to HSBC just now…and remember, this is the 1st time I use the deposit machine for foreign check…

    there is no such option to indicate that i’m depositing a foreign check…it only ask for the amount…

    any kind lad..can assist me here.. :(

    sorry for another silly question..


  • LcF

    @Miss Lily: no worry, just drop your cheque into the cheque deposit machine. The bank will handle the US cheque for you. If any problem, they will call you (since you wrote your phone number at the back of the cheque).

  • raz

    dear lcf,

    ive just deposited my first cheque to muamalat..

    but ive forget to fill anything on the back of the cheque..

    i just write my phone number as requested by the clerk..

    what u think will happen?

  • LcF

    @raz: did you ask me to guess? :)

    Don’t worry… Since you got the cheque deposit receipt/customer copy, you can check with the bank when you did not get the money after a month or later.

    But, I think no harm to write more information at the back of the cheque. It is easier for the bank to track and contact you when anything goes wrong.

  • raz too excited until i forget to read anything at the back and even left out my customer slip copy at the bank..


    thanks lcf..hopefully nothing goes wrong..

  • ASF80

    I just received adsense check, the payment was made to my name but not in FULL NAME as in my Kad Pengenalan. Only my name without my father’s name like this:

    AHMAD SUFFIAN (on check)

    Can I still deposit the check and fund it into bank account?


  • LcF

    @ASF80: I am not sure the bank will accept or not. You can try. Contact Google AdSense if it has been rejected by bank.

  • abu bakar

    i have receive two times check from adsense… i use maybank to cash in my check… but unfortunately… they cut to much..imagine i just only receive RM390 for usd 130 … what a scam…

  • Hi LcF,

    It has being almost 5 weeks since I deposit my first check…how long does it take to get the money in the bank…

    by the way, i’m using HSBC for this case..


  • LcF

    @LuckyLily: 5 or 6 weeks, less than 8 weeks.

  • Andrew 123

    Hi LcF,

    So whats the best bank to consider??lowest fee, user friendly, good customer service,fastest to get your payment??


  • LcF

    @Andrew 123: I do not try all the banks listed. I use CIMB from the beginning till now. I would say they are reliable and reasonable fee (RM10+RM0.15). The time needed to process U.S. cheque is same for all banks — around 1 month.

  • Exchange rate is only 3.4 nowadays. CIMB only charge me RM10 + RM0.15 if not mistaken. And since the cheque is by US Citibank, wondering if it would be faster or cheaper if we bank into Malaysia Citibank.

  • Darma

    How long it will take for my 1st pin to recieve after my account reach $50
    .And how long it will take for reach in malaysia for the total chechue after the 30th end of the moth the cheque is submit over there to us

  • LcF

    @Darma: 2 weeks or more, less than 1 month.

  • Darma

    Hey dude thanks for ya reply kindy good of your sevice fast reply of the question all ah my friends.bro How much the max i can do mthly with this adsense program.which bank i can clear my cheque with low cost.and fast clearing this cheque all

  • LcF

    @Darma: there is no max amount you can earn with AdSense, the more the better :) The cheque clearing time needed is about 3-4 weeks, it is same to most local banks.

  • Nik

    Hi All. I just received my first adsense check and like most of you, I’m very excited as well. Your posts on which ‘bank is the best to…’ have really help me to decide which bank to go to after writing this post. Thx a million.

  • digi

    i wonder can i ask google to do EFT directly into my US bank account or not?

  • Err…better change my link from to :mrgreen:

    – MENJ

  • Hi all, i have a question… you know sometimes english speaking countries like to mix up your full in firstnames last names middle names stuff… anyone expereicned this? where the banks reject your checks becoz of incorrect names.. ie:

    lu yean meng, dave – in i/c
    yean meng dave lu – in chq?

    hope it clarifies…

  • LcF

    @Dave Lu: it doesn’t matter. Both should work.

  • thanks boss!

  • yeah. their check is by Citibank N.A. Wouldn’t it be better to use Citibank?

  • I’m still waiting for my goole adsense’s 1st cheque..and i might be using the hsbc’s facilities..hopefully I will have my 1st cheque soon..;)

  • jejaka

    hi… i got some question from you guys… i had received my 1st check and submit it to cimb… i want to know what is it mean check cleared in my statement adsense account… the date show checked cleared was 26 jun ago.. but i still havent’s see yet the money in my account bank… thnks for your helping!!!

  • LcF

    @jejaka: not sure what did you mean by “check cleared in adsense account statement”. Local bank normally takes more than 30 days to clear a US cheque.

    If you do not see the money 50 days after you bank in the cheque, please contact your bank. Remember to take the bank-in slip with you.

  • jejaka

    thanks for your quick reply… i mean “check cleared in adsense account statement” at account menu in payment history and the next step at my ‘payment details’ and that show ‘check cleared’… i went to bank on 19 june for check bank-in… so i’m not clear what is it mean that ‘check cleared’….

  • zaki blogjer

    I just call HSBC to deposit my cheque, this is their charge

    Commission on cheques issued – 0.1% of cheque amount
    Minimum charge: RM10
    Maximum charge: RM100
    Stamp duty – RM0.15 per cheque
    Other charges – below 10k = RM1.15

  • LcF

    the “check cleared” means the check has been sent to you. It is not related to your check in your bank. Contact your bank if you do not get the money at end of the month.

  • LcF

    @zaki: thanks for the information. Updated and credit to you. :)

  • For the CIMB, we can also deposit the cheque other than home branch. I tried before. But, it is quite annoying.

  • LcF

    @siong1987: thanks for the information. “quite annoying” means CIMB does not welcome you to deposit the cheque other than home branch, i guess. :)

  • comparing RHB & HSBC….which one is cheaper….i’m getting a few checks end of this month….considering to bank in with RHB since it is nearer to my home…..

    pls advice…

  • LcF

    @luckylily: based on the information here, the fee & charges of RHB and HSBC is about the same. if I am you, I will choose RHB since it is more convenient (nearer to your home).

  • jejaka

    ya.. u r correct LcF as what u said b4… i’m quite hepi :) for today coz my check was cleared now at my bank account.. thanks!!!

  • @LcF

    thks…do i need to go to home branch for RHB? anybody got any experience bank-in foreign check thru RHB check deposit machine…? or do i need to go to counter to bank-in… :)

  • LcF

    @luckylily: I am not sure about RHB, you may need to ask about it. I always use check deposit machine (CIMB) to bank-in my foreign checks. I think it works for other banks. Make sure you write down your fullname, telephone no, and account number at the back of the check. so that if anything goes wrong the bank can contact you.

  • @LcF

    ok got it…thks for the reply…


  • GG

    Hi All,

    i have banked in my adsense cheque in CIMB since Aug 14, but i have yet to receive any $$ in my account. Anyone have any experience with CIMB before? How long will it takes?

  • dailymuscle

    Lately, ever since the merger, CIMB is now taking way longer to process my Google Adsense cheques. Before the merger, BUMIPUTRA COMMERCE (BCB) would allow me to get my money within a month. But now, it almost always touches 2 months.

    Their customer service advises me that it can take anywhere from 45 to 60 WORKING DAYS for a foreign cheque to clear. Before the merger, I remember their customer service saying it was 30 working days.

    Anyone else noticed this new inefficiency with CIMB?

  • Sha

    So now which bank is the best to cash out our cheque?

    Sha of

  • As someone mentioned earlier, is there a way to set an amount eg. USD500 before the cheque is issued rather than putting a hold which we may forget to release?

  • LcF

    @laiyin: there is no way to set a withdrawal amount for AdSense payment

  • zaki blogjer

    Sha, i would say CIMB and HSBC.

    But I’m using HSBC since they’ll sms me when money is deposited into my account. No hassle

    CIMB -10.15

  • Just received my first cheque yesterday, thanks for the info and I will do it with HSBC.

  • By the way, can I bank in to HSBC thru ATM or I need to take a number? Which way is the best?

  • Do you know that the US government has the right to withdraw the money from your bank account within 7 years of the transaction? Read full story at

  • Alex

    Maybank is charging extra $10USD for every single US check that I’ve bank in.. Please update the info above.

  • wow this thread useful for me i just clear it with mybank ermm it charges me RM200 for my check USD25000 last month from my adsense……..i think if they pay through paypal is easy than check…..

  • susan

    has the rate gone up in CIMB? the staff told me that the rate has gone up to RM30 foreign check charges + RM 10 postage + RM0.15 stamp fees since last July 2007

  • LcF

    @susan: as far as I noticed, there is no increase of CIMB charges, still RM10 + RM0.15 stamp

  • bantingboy

    ehm..looks like CIMB is the best for our cheques..

  • got my first check from google. thanks for the info which bank to deposit my money. i’ll choose cimb bank. thanks again!!

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