Bloggeropoly – the world first blogger recruitment agency

Consider this our official announcement: Today, we are rolling out what we believe to be the first and only blogger recruiting agency, Bloggeropoly. That may be a foolhearty claim to make, but so far as I know that’s the case.

Bloggeropoly’s mission is to match highly-qualified, top-flight bloggers with companies needing such services. It differs from a job board in that we find companies looking for bloggers and for a fee pro-actively match them up with bloggers who meet their criteria. What marketing, PR or IT manager has time to go through 100 resumes anyway? We’ll do that for them.

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So, send your blogger resume to it? 🙂

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  • Good. I will apply for this !

  • LcF

    @colbert: you still not enough blog huh?!

  • Too bad we’d need to give Malaysia 5-10 years before anyone can really get it off on a company such as this. 🙂

  • LcF

    ya, we are 10 years late than other countries. 😐