BSN Matrix Debit Card is Useless?

A year ago, I received my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. The debit card is useful. I have already done many online shopping using the card.

bsn matrix cardBeside Public Bank, other Malaysia local banks also offer Visa Electron debit card. However, for some reasons, not all debit cards are accepted by online merchants.

Bank Simpanan National’s BSN Matrix card is one of the example, according to Menj.

The reason I decided to apply for Public Bank’s debit card service was because my BSN Matrix card (although claimed to be a “debit card” complete with Visa Electron logo and the Visa hologram) is pretty much impotent and it is not accepted anywhere online.

[Critical Thoughts]

My two cents

So far, Public Bank’s Visa Electron debit card is known to be the best debit card for online shopping. It seldom gets rejected, even the online merchant accepts Visa credit card only.

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  • e-tech

    Definitely PB Debit Card.
    I use online,on ebay and even activated my paypal account with it.
    I dunno about Matrix card,,probably as bad as ikobo 😛

  • Yes, they said we can even buy something from ‘brick and mortar’ shops that display ‘Visa Electron’ sign. BSN Visa Electron useless. Not acceptable. But no for PB Debit Card.

  • pinolobu

    BSN is the worst bank in Malaysia:
    – The only local bank without online banking.
    – ATMs very slow response.
    – ATMs often no money but no indications whatsoever – you need to use it first to find out.
    – Electron card often does not work at supermarket counters – strangely my credit card is accepted.
    – no online check for their SSP winners, no online notification.

    The only good thing about BSN: got branch in the small town where my kampung is.

  • David

    Thats really awful. BSN is Bank Simpanan Nasional, wasn’t that a Nasional Bank, which also mean suppose to have better and efficient service?

    As for PB Bank Card, 2 thumb up for it.

  • yeah hooray to PB debit card! i had been using it for years and it is accepted many places… in most supermarkets too.

    oh and btw the staff (a man by the name of ‘yong wah’) in PB KL in charge of the PB debit card was one of the most kind and helpful bank staff i have ever encountered. (some problem with my card i had to contact KL main office).

  • evelyn

    One of my customer that came to buy a mobile phone from my shop, he even mentioned about the BSN card, instead , he rather use the PB card to pay for the mobile phone. Eventhough, he is a malay.

    Hope that BSN will improve their service or else..

  • where u get the BSN credit card image from? is the credit card number on the image a valid credit card number?

  • LcF

    @calvin: no worry, the image is taken from BSN website.

  • Ainuddin Mohamad

    When I wanted to apply for BSN Visa Electron early last year, the BSN counter staff (I didn’t know her) whispered to me “Encik kad ni banyak problem”.

    PB is great.

    Liew, I saw my ads ( appearing on your web pages a couple of times.

    Carry on your excellent blogging.

  • Kelvin

    I’m using Allianz Bank’s debit card.
    It is very easy to apply, no need salary statement.
    But, it is co-product of Cosway and Allianz Bank. You need apply from some e-Cosway agent (i apply from my fren). And, is it Gold card, cold!
    You all may try it out. Waived 5 years application fee.


  • LcF

    Unlike credit card, we don’t need salary statement to apply a debit card. It applies to all local banks.

  • Alex

    Will PB Debit Card provide monthly statement too?

  • LcF

    @Alex: yes, PB debit card provide monthly statement.

  • cimok

    good info. i want apply too

  • Huh…I’m one of the BSN Matrix user too. Like pinolobu mentioned, one thing I hate about BSN is their atm machine always service is unavailable (run out of money)…Damn! This always happen when public holiday or some big occasion. This happen when we needed it the most.

  • I’ve apply for PB card last 2 week..the staff said it’s gonna take 3-4 weeks

  • Intan


    i have been a BSN matrix card holder ever since they have introduced this scheme for the first time to the public. however i opened the BSN account in the first place for somthing to do with my former school feespayment. so i had to have one.

    however i dont really trust and rely on this bank business because there have been many cases which i have found and heard about money loss from this bank accounts. my mom has a few times lost a few hundreds from her BSN account, her friends also have experinced the same things. so as a result, i only keep the minimum balance required to make the account activated.

    so far, this bank card is the only card that i have that bears VISA ELECTRON service. however, due to its savings fragility.. i prefer using cash to using this useless card for purchasing purpose.

    in future, i’d like to opt for public bank VISA ELECTRON service perhaps!

  • i’d made a comparison between BSN Matrix n PB Visa Electron. Better we choose PB Visa electron. But its only useful to those ppl who are need it when purches online items n do some personal bisnes to earn money. hehe. hey liew, tell us what bisnes you doing? ekekeke..

  • JNR

    hmm… havent you heard about MayBank credit card. You know what? They are giving free credit card with no anuall fee or minimum purchase or whatsoever. You only need a MayBank account … and then apply. I think 🙂 My father got one. You get all three kinds… VISA, MasterCard, and American Express!! Cool huh!

  • syahir

    I do not have any credit card or debit card.
    Everytime I want to purchase something on the internet, I cannot
    do it because I don’t have the medium to pay.huhu…

    I got the bsn visa electron too but nothing I can do with it on the internet so far.hmm..

    I’m so ‘jeles’ with you all who got credit or debit card…at least you can buy something on the internet….not like me…;(
    altough I’m still a student but I hope I have something to make any purchase online….
    can anyone from you help me?
    i hope you can contact me

  • Investor

    Did you know that you can transfer BSN to Maybank. They call it interbank transfer. Of course there is a fee of RM2 to do so.

    Basically, that’s how i bought e-gold. Hmm, do you know how i can get some cash into my PayPal and withdraw it using exchange service which accept Malaysian Bank?

  • Heng

    Liew, i get my Visa Gold card, just like you did, by my investment in Public Mutual. Just two weeks since i received the gld card and now i had applied for the Visa Electron too.

  • LcF

    @heng: why do you still need to apply visa electron while you have a credit card?

  • Heng

    Juz apply for fun only. Liew, is it any merchant that display logo “VISA “accept the Visa Electron as well? Or we need to find “visa electron” logo to used this debit card?

  • LcF

    @Heng: some “VISA” merchant accept visa electron but some don’t.. so, we need to ask first whether they accept visa electron or not.

  • Heng

    Thank you. had PBB send you the pin number of your Visa Gold?

  • LcF

    @Heng: I haven’t get the pin number yet. you?

  • Heng

    nearly 3 weeks liao, still hevent get the pin number leh. juz now i had email PBB to ask about this matter. the first four of my card’s number is same to yours 1 leh.

  • dr izdor

    Hmm. I want to apply for PB Debit Card. Do you know that the most payed CEO in Malaysia was PB CEO. Indirectly, that’s why (maybe) it’s DC was accepted by PayPal. Don’t laugh of my idea. One more: BSN is not a commmercial bank (it’s just a saving bank), so accept it as it was>

  • smile-99

    oo o, ic , not all debit card work properly yaa . But recently i apply tune money debit.

    visit :-

  • blues03

    smile-99…is tune money debit card can be use for online purchase?is genting accept this card?cause i wanna book for 888 deals..

    is anyone know is this tune debit card useful as PB debit card?

  • smile-99

    Haiya ya ya ya.

    Alo bros , Tunemoney card ,,we can purchase (insurance) online , but i do not received PIN number yet.
    Still waiting for PIN number !!!!

  • blues03

    how do u know we can use that tunemoney card to purchase online while u didn’t received ur pin yet?

  • smile-99

    Hi blues03

    recently i called customer service , she told me that card holder can purchase ( eg. insurance , goods etc ) online . Frankly i do not try it yet.
    I still waiting for the PIN number to try make withdrawal via ATM machine.

    Thank you for sharing…

  • blues03

    Thanks..pls update me if u can use that card online..

  • Money Maker


    Yes Bsn is very lawya bank in Msia . Even i have debit card from Bsn but still unable to do any internet transaction . I agreed to all of you. PB is very good and Maybank too . My fren using debit card from Ambank also don’t have any problem so far .

    Thumb Tripple Down To BSN .

  • smile-99

    Hi money maker ,

    Aha , i think so.

  • thec

    i HATE BSN.. suck blood, dont hav fotostat machine to fotostat ic for new acc, atm card cost 8bucks..

    even whn i wana close acc.. suck my 10 bucks off.. blardy hell.

  • smile-99

    heheheheh, cool bros..

  • Visitor

    I heard that BSN real debit card is the “Matrix-i”, not the normal “Kad Matrix”.