Budget Printer and USB Disk in LowYat Plaza

Thanks to Daniel, I found out that we can goto Sungei Wang by Monoral from KL Sentral. Before this I never notice that KL Sentral is the end station of Monorail. Shame of me!

dh and I went to LowYat plaza after the first MCAD training, he hunted another two programming books! One is on secure programming, another is about VB.NET programming on Internet and Input/Output.

LowYat is well known for IT products. I was thinking to get a USB drive and budget printer, and I found quite good deal in LowYat. 🙂

256MB USB disk – RM135

The Kingston 256MB USB disk with 5 years warranty is only RM135! (Few months ago, a 256MB USB disk will cost you around RM250.) However, the design of Kingston USB disk looks dull in grey. The given USB port extention is quite short. I found PenDrive at the same price has better look(white, abit Mac feel) and it has long USB port extention.

Canon XNU 255i Printer – RM225

Another great deal is Canon XNU 255i, Free a box of compatible black ink cartridges(6 inside) for only RM225! The printer itself comes with a black ink cartridge and color ink cartridge, so, totally you will get 8 ink cartridges! No need to worry about out of ink! The promotion is limited by stock last. It is about in another two weeks time, I guess.

I have decided to buy the printer, and buy the USB disk later. Printer is more important. 🙂

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  • which shop in low yat plaza u bought the kingston usb drive? the price
    sure has dropped.

  • LcF

    I haven’t buy. Almost every shop has the same price.

  • hx

    OH yeahhhhhhhhhh my housemate bought a 128MB thumb drive with RM88 only… i think the brand is PEN DRIVE.. vvaluabel for money eh??

  • what? the ‘pen drive’ brand 128MB thumb drive is only RM88? and lcf
    mentioned the 256 one at RM135!!

    oh no! oh no! i had been cheated then! i bought the ‘pen drive’
    128MB thumb drive at RM130 at a PC fair in early april this year.
    and they had the nerve to tell me it was an offer price, where the
    usual price was RM150! arrghhh!:twisted:

  • LcF

    lucia, you are not cheated. Just that the price drop alot in this few months time. *shrug*

  • do u know why the price has dropped so much? only a few months ago
    i bought a easy disc thumb drive for Rm240 at low yat. its getting
    so cheap i feel like buying another one to give as a present.its the
    most useful IT accessory to have in my opinion

  • LcF

    I am not sure about the reason. Probably the technology is more advance, the cost is lower, the competition among manufactures is higher, …

  • but drop to near 1/2 the price in just within 3 months??

  • bj

    I am considering in whether it is a better choice to buy a pen
    drive 256mb or a 256mb Mp3 player. Since their funtions are almost
    the same with the only advantage of an Mp3 player is that it can
    play songs on it, I wonder which is a wiser choice between the two.
    Anyway what is the price of a 256mb mp3 player now:?::shock::mrgreen::oops:

  • LcF

    bj: if you like listen to music very much and your budget allow, then get a usb MP3 player. 256MB usb mp3 player is around RM400.

  • dont buy yet, coming soon is a digital mp3 player,with a choice of 32mb/64mb/128mb/256mb flash memory, with FM, plus voice recorder plus ; very small 56mmx37mmx10mm NIMH rehargeble cell, recharged directly thru the USB cable and your PC.High speed USB 1.1 intrface. Upload speed is up to 3.2Mbps, down load speed to 2.6Mbps. No driver needed for windows ME, 2000, XP. for about RM200

  • I agree don’t buy it yet. There is so many new one’s coming out now.

  • Ramakrishnan

    What is the best price for 512MB and 1GB hard disk. Appreciate a response from anyone. regards

  • adi

    lexmark 3 in 1? what model which rm199

  • Lee K.S.

    Can someone please tell me a reputable place to buy a digital voice recorder? Either Sony or Olympus.