Celcom First WiFi: Features, Plans and Price [SPONSORED]

Celcom First WiFi

Celcom First WiFi allows you to get online in various hotspots in public places (restaurant, cafe, shops) with your laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Celcom First WiFi advantages

Here are the advantages of Celcom First WiFi:


  • Total usage control — you can manage and keep track of your WiFi usage and data quota via the WiFi portal.
  • Easy reload — you can reload manually via SMS or reload coupons, or set standing instructions for auto-reloads.


  • Anytime, anywhere — It is the widest WiFi coverage at strategic locations such as malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, transportation hubs and more.
  • Information at your fingertips — Access to special location-based services and information automatically pushed directly to your mobile.


  • Faster WiFi speed — Celcom First WiFi speed is faster than other public WiFi
  • Exclusive privileges — You stand a chance to get special rewards, bonus vouchers and discounts. Celcom First Data Advance and Pro customers also get FREE 1GB monthly access.

Celcom First WiFi plans

Celcom First WiFi plans are available for Celcom First and Celcom Prepaid customers.

For Celcom First Customers:

For Celcom prepaid customers:

Here is a comparison of Celcom First WiFi against other telcos:

How to subscribe

Subscribe to Celcom First WiFi is as easy as 1–2–3. Celcom customers simply follow the steps below:

  1. SMS ON WIFI to 22188
  3. You’ll receive a WiFi ID and password
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Celcom has the widest network coverage and best network quality in Malaysia. Check Celcom First WiFi hotspots coverage here.


*This post is sponsored by Celcom.

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