Checks Any Twitter Account for Fake and Inactive Followers


How many of your followers are fake or inactive? FakeFollowers by SocialBakers is a simple online tool to tell your follower stats.

Simply enter your twitter username and click the “Check” button. You will need to authorize the app for first time. Then, a follower stats box will be shown on the bottom showing the percentages of fake, inactive, good followers.

FakeFollowers use the following parameters to define fake or empty followers:

  • The Following / Followers ratio is less than 50 Following / 1 Follower
  • They repeat spam phrases like “diet,” “make money,” and “work from home”
  • Tweets are repeated more than three times
  • More than 90% of the account´s tweets are retweets
  • More than 90% of tweets are links and the profile has a following: followers ratio of 7 : 1 or more. This means, for example, that the profile is following 7 others while only being followed by 1.
  • The account has never tweeted

Inactive followers are defined as those only have 1 or 2 retweets on profile or their last tweet older than 3 months.

You can check any Twitter account using its Twitter handle. You can use the tool up to 10 times a day. Fakefollowers only check up to 2000 followers per account.

My @liewcf twitter account has 5% bots, 16% inactive followers and 79% are good followers. It is a healthy stats. (Thanks for following!) How about yours? Tells us in the comment below.

fakefollowers (via TheNextWeb)

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