Create PayPal Donation Button

The step-by-step instruction to create a PayPal donation button and start accepting online donation.

A friend asked me how to create a PayPal donation button to collect donation. I have told him the steps and I think it is good to share with you, too.

Step-by-step to create PayPal donation button

  1. Login your PayPal account, goto “Merchant Tools”. Scroll down to “PayPal Website Payments Standard“.
  2. There is a link named “Donations“. Click it to open donation button setup page.
  3. There looks many fields need to fill in… Don’t worry, you can ignore those “(optional)” field.
  4. If you want to specific a donation amount, fill in the “Donation Amount:“.
    Note: Once specified the amount, the donator cannot donate more than or less than the specified valune.
  5. Under “Choose a donation button to put on your website (optional)“, you can choose a donation button or use your own image.
  6. For “Security Settings“, I recommend to select “Yes” to encrypt your payment button. It will protect your paypal email address.
  7. Then, click the “Create Button Now” button at the bottom of the page to create your PayPal donation button.
  8. You will given a HTML code for the donation button. Copy it and paste into your website. Done.

Here is my PayPal donation button. It is real! Click it to donate USD$1 to me, credit card accepted.

PayPal Donations makes it easy for you to collect secure donations from your website. After inserting simple HTML code, you can collect your donations via secure PayPal payment pages.

My two cents

PayPal donation button make it easy to accept online donation. I have never accept any online donation before, let me know if you did. :)

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For your information, Malaysian cannot withdraw PayPal money from local bank. But, we can resell it to other Malaysian(who own oversea bank account) at the reasonable exchange rate.

Update: Now you can withdraw PayPal money to debit, credit cards

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  • Great info, thanks :)

  • reallybites

    if we did not do step 4 ,means the person can donate as much as he/she wishes? or if we did specify an amount,means that person can donate that amount only? what if he wants to donate more?

  • LcF

    @reallybites: the donation amount in step #4 is only a suggested amount. The donator can donate more or less than the amount you set (simply change the value at donation page).

    if you do not want to specific a donation amount, leave it blank and let donator to decide the amount. Once you specified the donation amount, the donator cannot donate more or less than it.

  • Oi, RB you very the mata duitan hor? kehkehkeh

    Liew, thanks for this info. I am going to put them on my Penang Faces blog. And then, hor, I wrote to Flickr and ask them if they have such button whereby people can buy me a year subscription. Too bad, they don’t. I don’t want to look like I am begging so I thought it would be nice to have a cute button like paypal.

    Err…USD1? Wait when I do some paypal transactions, I click ok? Promise. But why only USD1?

  • LcF

    Opps! Sorry, I made mistake.

    Once specified donation amount, the donator CANNOT change it. If you prefer to let donator to decide how much to donate(less or more), then leave the “Donation amount” field blank.

    @Lilian: I set the donation button to donate USD1. :) Leave the “Donation Amount:” field blank when you setup the button, so that donator can decide how much to be donated.

  • Installed liao! I am fast when it comes to money making. When my Google hit USD50, I will donate Paypal for Liew marriage funds. :p

  • LcF

    LOL~ then I should give you freedom to decide how much to donate, instead of only USD1. :P

  • Steve

    is there a way to make a donation link with text instead of an image?

  • LcF

    @Steve: yes, it can be done.

  • REMP

    How do you do that? (change link with text instead of image)

  • Rakesh

    Thanks i have created a button for Donation, which i will be putting on my website soon.

    Some donation will help me getting few bucks to get my server up and running. Thanks

  • shovon

    thanks for the tip it really help me !

  • slotvent

    Thanks for the info

  • Is that still right? At the bottom you say Malaysian’s cannot withdraw money from PayPal – hasn’t that been fixed?

  • LcF

    @Jaco: Yes, Malaysians now can withdraw money from PayPal to their debit or credit cards. Please read “Now you can withdraw PayPal money to debit, credit cards

  • James

    Would like to do more things with my kids when I have them. Due to child support and other things its hard for me to do much when I get them and it sucks. I am accepting donations from those that are kind an understand what im going through. Again thank you

  • Nathan

    I cannot find how to do it. Does this work on the UK Paypal?

  • phreakaholic

    hi, i’m still newbie here. can i put the code in free wordpress??

  • LcF

    @phreakaholic: you mean you can try to paste the code in HTML mode.

  • phreakaholic

    thanks. finally i use the “paypal email code” to get it works. previously, i paste the “paypal website code” on HTML mode, but nothing happen :)

  • greg

    Are Merchant Tools available under primary account? Or I have to upgrade it to business type. Thanks.

  • Thank you very much all friends

  • Anne

    Thanks! Such a great help for my site. :)

  • [XtremPlaya]Sebby05

    Thanks! Really useful information! :)

  • Button added to InvoTechEngineers. Time to Donate :)

  • There are some transaction fees involved aye? >_<

    $0.00 USD – $3,000.00 USD
    3.4% + $0.30 USD
    You’ll pay $3.70 USD on a $100.00 USD transaction.

    So let’s say if someone receives $10.00 USD donations per month, $0.74 of it goes to paypal, right? :D

    But if only received $1.00 USD donations per month, then $0.30 goes to paypal.

    Considered to be quite high transaction fees charges if you are not receiving much donations. -_-

  • jaohn

    i just made a new forum so im new so after i make the buttun how do i put it on site?

    • decide where do you want to put it on your site. copy and paste the code to your website's code.

  • wiseinvestor

    I only got three types of buttons – Buy now, add to cart and subscribe.

    Don't have the donate button under the PayPal Website Payments Standard.

    How to add in the donation button?

    • try to create your paypal donation button here: ” target=”_blank”>

  • thanks for the info, i put it on my blog

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