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Celcom iPhone 5

Celcom iPhone 5 Plans and Benefits [SPONSORED]

Celcom has launched the long-awaited iPhone 5 in Malaysia. Read this article for Celcom iPhone 5 plans and the benefits. With Celcom First, you can enjoy the following advantages and benefits: Biggest savings of up to RM1921 Highest data volume of up to 6.2GB a month Bundled usage up to 1500 in minutes/SMS/MMS Free 1GB […]

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The Girl who has an iPad Head! [Video]

An “iPad head girl” had found walking around Bryant Part in New York City.

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Yes, You Can Do (Almost) Anything at the Apple Retail Store

Mark Malkoff tested the tolerance level of Apple Store by ordering (and eating) pizza in the store, having romantic date with wine, pasta and live music played in the background, dressing as Star Wars Darth Vader to get his iPhone fixed.

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New OS X Lion Gestures You Might Already Know [Funny]

Joy of Tech published a funny comic titled “Introducing OS X Lion’s new gestures”. It is about users’ different reactions for OS X Lion installation, hilarious yet so truth.

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Slide To Unlock Her T-Shirt (iPhone Style)

If a girl wears a “slide to unlock” t-shirt, would you dare to unlock it?

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Geek Meditation Session

Meditation is a good way to relax your mind. But, how do you teach geeks to do meditation? I think this JoyOfTech comic is helpful.

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Angry Birds Paper Crafts [DIY]

Now you can do-it-yourself and make your own Angry Birds paper crafts!

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9 Reasons NOT to Buy an iPhone 5 [FUNNY]

Here is 9 reasons NOT to buy iPhone 5.

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Wow! Gmail Motion Turned Into Reality Using Kinect Sensor!

Using the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) software and a Kinect sensor, USC ICT lab successfully turned Gmail motion into reality!

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5 Tech April Fool’s Pranks You Want Them to be REAL!

April 1st, 2011 is over. Did you have fun? Here are some tech April Fool’s pranks that’s good to be real.

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When Blogger Becomes Beggar…

A failed blogger becomes beggar and ask for support for blog, beside wife and kids.

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Gmail Motion: Control Your Gmail With Body Language!

After launched 7 years ago at 1st April 2004, Gmail now added a evolution feature: Gmail Motion, which allows you to control Gmail with your body!

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Social Media Explained With.. Pee [FUNNY]

What would you use to explain “social media”? This guy published an image to explain popular social media sites with.. pee. It is funny but quite truth!

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Computer Workaholic [FUNNY]

This is a serious warning to all workaholics. Get your life back! Drop your mouse and hold your lover’s hand… No! Not clicking on his/her hand!!!

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If Superman Friends His Parents On Facebook…

What will happen if Superman is on Facebook AND accept his parent’s Facebook friend request? That will become his biggest social network nightmare!

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