Debit MasterCard in Malaysia

Debit MasterCardRecently, MasterCard is running heavy advertisements in Malaysia to promote the debit MasterCard card. I have a PB Visa Electron debit card and wrote about AmBank NexG MasterCard. How does debit MasterCard card different?

The web address promoted in the MasterCard ads is The page redirect to MasterCard Southeast Asia page. Not much information about the card there.

What is Debit MasterCard?

Basically, debit MasterCard card is a card which linked to your saving or current account and allows you to make transactions using your funds at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. The amount will be automatically deducted from your account and reflected in your bank statement. You can purchase as much as the fund you have in the bank account.

How does debit MasterCard different than Prepaid MasterCard and Visa Electron debit card?

The Debit MasterCard, Prepaid MasterCard, and Visa Electron debit card are very similar. All of them are limited to the funds you have, you would never owe bank any money.

Both Prepaid MasterCard and Visa Electron debit need to be loaded with credit first. Debit MasterCard is linked to your account, you do not need to “top-up” the money in the card.

Not all merchants accept Visa Electron card although they accept Visa card. Debit MasterCard is accepted as long as the merchant accept MasterCard.

In a nutshell, Debit MasterCard is more like a credit card than the other 2 cards.

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Where to apply Debit MasterCard card in Malaysia?

MasterCard does not issue cards directly. Currently, you can apply Debit MasterCard card from 2 local banks in Malaysia: AffinBank Berhad and EON Bank Berhad.

AffinBank Debit MasterCard — information about AffinBank debit MasterCard can be found here. Generally, anyone who has an AffinBank account and 18 year old can apply the debit MasterCard by filling up a debit card application form. You can choose a daily spending limit from RM1,000 to RM10,000. You earn 0.5% cash-back per transaction when you spend.

  • The annual fee of the card is RM20 per annum.
  • Balance inquiry at other bank’s ATM is RM1 per inquiry.
  • Cash withdrawal at other bank’s ATM is RM7 per withdrawal.

EON Bank Debit MasterCard — I couldn’t get any information about debit MasterCard from the EON Bank website, other than the press release about EON Bank Group unveiled the world’s first EMV compliant Debit MasterCard equipped with MasterCard PayPass.

Anyway, I think the fees and charges are about the same as AffinBank Debit MasterCard. You may want to goto EON Bank branch for more information.

My two cents

IF the Debit MasterCard has wide acceptance as a MasterCard credit card, then it is better than credit card because you only spend the money you have in the account. Unlike using a credit card, you would never spend more than you have and end up in bankruptcy.

Currently, I have a Visa Electron debit card and a credit card, but I am tempting to get a debit MasterCard card too.

2 reasons:
1) I can use it to verify my PayPal Personal account (currently using PayPal Premier) and save PayPal charges on PayPal fund received.

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2) I applied a supplementary card for my mother and shared the same credit line (RM10,000). It might not be enough when we travel together next year. I will either increase the credit line or get another card as backup.

3) I can spend more with a Debit MasterCard than a credit card with RM10,000 credit line.

Would you get a debit card or credit card?

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  • Leah

    Debit card for me, no worry about paying bills or forgot end up with late fee & interest.
    I jump out to comment coz I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, surprise to see u promoting his book.:-) I listen to his RSS radio shows online, too cheapskate to buy the books.

  • Liew,you really do your research on those cards.For me,I do prefer to use credit card as it can not only flexible on payment(onlife,offline),but also give me a way to build up my credit score(should learn how to properly use credit card).
    But then,I think debit cards are suitable with those person:
    1.can’t get any credit card
    2.need to withdraw fund from PayPal(VISA electron only currently) etc
    3.want to control expenses(you can only spend your limited cash in accounts)
    4.want to enjoy convenience from card payment

    ANY complementarity?

  • Liew,

    You wrote “Debit MasterCard is linked to your account, you do not need to “top-up” the money in the card.”

    I don’t want to use my credit cards for online purchases because there are risks of identity thefts resulting in all my funds being stolen. Similarly I don’t want to use any cards (credit, debit, prepaid, etc) that allow automatic withdrawals from my banking accounts.

    The usage of Debit MasterCard (allows automatic withdrawals from banking accounts) would result in spending of your money in the banking accounts at a much faster rate because the Impulse Buying Devil is always around.

    I’m using PB Visa Electron debit card and AmBank NexG MasterCard because my purchases are limited to the funds (always min of RM25 = 0 available fund) in that cards and I need to top-up if I want to buy something online. Since the nearest bank is about 2 km away from my house (I work at home), I would ask myself “To buy?” and “Don’t buy?” many times before I make any top-ups. Because of this the Impulse Buying Devil is always the loser.

    Credit cards info at

  • kljs

    Soon, Debit Cards will be the rage, since it doesn’t allow discriminate spending like a credit cards does.

  • xian

    You wrote “Debit MasterCard is linked to your account, you do not need to “top-up” the money in the

  • debit card sure is a smart alternative to credit cards. spending owns money is better than spending the banks money and ended up broken becoz of the high interests rate.

  • lucia

    i second what ainuddin said.

    it’s true. since debit mastercard is linked to our account and we don’t have to top up the money in the card, it would be more or less like credit card, where we can spend and spend as much as we could (within limit of our account)… when the impulse buying devil is around. (say, ainuddin, first time i came across this phrase ‘impulse buying devil’. i like it!).

    i also use PB visa electron card and this suit me since i’m always tempted by the impulse buying devil if i go shopping. with it, it will curb my spending.

  • my father has this card from affin bank. very useful. i like

  • lucia,

    If you yahoo. msn, google, etc. you won’t get the exact phrase of “”Impulse Buying Devil”. I heard it many times when I was working (accounting/auditing) in the UK many years ago. The IBD is always around those who have the means to spend and spend and those who pretend that they are among those named in the Forbes magazines with bottomless platinum credit cards. Since I’m the Webmaster of (for the US audience) and many other personal financial sites (for the US audience) I won’t touch such cards (debit MasterCard included) with a 100-km pole.

  • Mr. Kubo

    I auomatically terminated my affin master debit card. It sucks in the worst manner.
    1. Once i was at Nike Jusco Tebrau, already took the item i wanted to the casher.. erkk… not prcessable… oklah.. maybe first time got problem..

    2. Wanted to do cash deposit since the next day i’m going outstation. The whole malaysia Affin bank is offline… yucksss….

    3. Went to Maidin in Puchong, took a whole troley of stuffs. Gave my “thin” affin bank debit master card. Declined…. what a major embarassment. Called affin bank.. took 2 hours to get to speak to a rep.. they said.. system offline. The worst thing worst, the next day, my bank account was deducted 4 times of the same amount that i failed to buy at maidin.

    for your info, all this situations was not because insuffucient funds…. But KL call centre was very prompt and reliable. Better off without it if it’s unrealiable in your most needed times…..

  • LcF

    @Mr. Kubo: thanks for sharing the information about affin mastercard debit card. Seems like affinbank need to upgrade their system for stability.

  • I guess with your income, your credit card limit should able to have more then 10 K right?

  • LcF

    @iCalvyn: I only applied for a gold card :)

  • I guess I know a bit about Affin Bank because my employers forced me to open a current account with AB for more than 12 years. No AB account no salary transfers they warned.

    I don’t want to talk anything bad about AB but my advice is that go elsewhere for better banking services.

  • Mr. Kubo

    Well, i’m impressed with the EON bank Paypass Debit Master Card. Will try to get one soon and see what’s it’s like. Just hope it’s not as thin as Affin’s. Anyway, out of all the credit cards I’ve used, CITIBANK is so far the most reliable of all… This is a really bold statement but i think CITIBANK deserves it… anybody with the new EON Paypass debit card???? Do feedback to us if you have one.. tell us stories….hehehehe.. hope it’s greener with EON…..

  • Nickie

    I just apply the mol freedom card, is join with EON bank to creat debit master card. i pay RM25.00 for initian fees and they will charge me RM15.00 when approved! Wase of RM40.00 :H for what? because EON bank no charge!!!!!!!
    nobody tell me the charges when i call both customer services center!!!
    hope it usefull because i want to transfer fund from paypal account.

  • A prepaid might be better for online transaction, since you need to reload every time to use it. If it gets stolen, you only lose the amount you load into it, and maybe its easier to be replace.

    Better to wait for more (good) user feedback before getting the debit card.

  • Bates

    Can I link this debit mastercard to my existing maybank or other bank account instead of need to open new AB/EON account?

    Feedback from Debit Mastercard user are most welcome.

  • LcF

    @Bates: the debit card can only be linked to the account of the card issuer (bank).

  • jEMi

    Well, recently i just saw the advertisement regarding this debit mastercard on newspaper from Standard Chartered.

    What caught my attention was other than it has 0.5% debate on retail purchases like debit cards offered by other banks, it has 7% rebate on petrol!! that’s a lot! and up until now it’s still unbelievable for me cause according some information provided online said that the petrol station owner earns just a few cents a liter. if it has 7% rebate i guess a lot of people are crazy applying for the card. correct me if i’m wrong but i hope it’s true. other than that it stated that it has higher saving interest than any other banks.

    I was looking at its official website but it doesn’t provide any information about this debit card tho. i wonder why they never updated their website since the advertisement has released to public. do we actually need to approach to standard chartered outlets to ask for it huh.

  • andy

    miri sarawak have apply Debit master card.

  • LiewCF.!!! I hope you could make a review about the Eon Bank-MV Compliant Debit MasterCard. ThankQ.

  • Andrew

    Used to have thePB Visa Electron card, i was among the first few adopters of the card in PB, but cancelled it off after i got my first credit card few years later. also coz it’s not much widely accepted then.

    Now i’m seriously considering to get a debit or prepaid card as one of my cash management tool. but I’m leaning more towards a prepaid mastercard though coz u can only spend the amount u put in, and not the whole balance in your savings/current account (who knows when u get that itchy-finger syndrome?)

    however one thing i dont like is the hefty account maintenance charge. Ambank’s is RM3 per month, which works out to RM36 per year. while PB Electron only charges RM25 (as in then, i’m not sure how much it is now).

    Any prepaid Mastercard offered in Malaysia other than Ambank?

  • Mike

    Let me introduce you to a new Debit Mastercard by EON Bank. Its called Pavilion Debit Mastercard and its really good !! I already got it and been using it without hassle from the merchant that accepted Mastercard. Also this card is free for life without annual fees but you have to use 12 times transaction per year at any amount charged ( which i think very easy la, even RM10 you charged consider 1 transaction ) hehehe…. Joining fee only RM20 and now they running a contest for a Jaguar Car lo…. Who knows, you might kena the Jaguar Draw. My final and the best suggestion – EON Bank Pavilion Debit Mastercard. Hor Liow !!!!

  • nicole

    Right there is no detail information at all.
    That is why although its customer driven since there are differences in all type of different bank offering the same service we will end up trap within each other round circles as there is not much information given out.

    I wonder what are they trying to do to us>???
    Beg for mercy to call their bank or customer service so that they can gage their marketing campaign? Successful or Fail badly??
    Or lucky enough to be moderate..fairly reaching instilling awareness

    My question would be which to choose?
    Debit Mastercard from Tune Money of Affin or Eon? These 3. HELP!!
    Or are there any banks out there providing better services n privelleges to the unprivelleged?? *Wonders*

  • Mike

    To Nicole,

    You choose EON Bank Debit Card. Trust me, its good and worth it because no annual fees ( read my comment dated 5th january 2008 ). Tune and Affin got the bull….. annual fees and i dont see any much differents from them. As for EON, the only matters that worth is they don’t charge annual fees and also got points for each RM1 you charged. Also got the Jaguar Car Contest going on right now, hehehe. Go for it !!!

  • Mike, what is the website for Eon Bank Pavilion debit mastercard. at eon bank website only got PAVILION CREDIT CARD.??

    i’m interested 2…

  • Mike

    Isfufushah, just log on and look for credit card column. Anyway, if you stay in KL just go to Pavilion Shopping Centre at Bukit Bintang and look for the EON bank. Full details and info with them if you want to know more :)

  • Ianflojam

    Hi Mike,

    I logged on to but couldn’t find the pavilion debit mastercard you were talking about. But I did manage to find some information about Impian unembossed mastercard which is very similar to the former. Can some of you help me with this? Has eon officially changed the name of the card or are they promoting/introducing yet another new service (the latter)?

  • Vincent

    Hi Mike,

    where to get the Pavilion Debit Card? I called EON Bank Pavilion, they said the card is not available and launch is delayed.

    They also said it must link to EON bank saving or current account.. is it true? or it is a prepaid card that need topup..?

  • I’m also lost too…

    But heres the link…


    But, i’ll wait for the release of their Eon Bank-MV Compliant Debit MasterCard.

  • Mike

    Hi Ianflojam & Vincent,

    As for me, now im holding the Pavilion Debit Mastercard and I get from the EON Bank at the Pavilion ( Bkt Bintang ) on December 07. There is no need to open an saving or current account in order to have this card. This card has his own account ( call it card account ) and you have to bank in cash into the account in order to use the card. Once you have transactions, they will automatically deduct from your card account. Kind of like prepaid Mastercard la. I also wonder as Vincent said the card is not available and launch is been delayed. I will check it out and let you guys know later :)

  • How long for the card to be issued? Have you try the pay pass? Collection of card is at the branch itself?

    I am also checking if the Combi Debit Mastercard is available or delayed again. Talk to the CS that the card is not ready. If got Combi, I dun hv to own another account lah.

  • A Smith

    Vincent, I applied for the Combi card.. They say the cards are not available yet but u can still apply for it. Once the card is done, they’ll call u for collection at the branch. Can’t wait for it!

  • Mike


    The card is launched since the opening of the Pavilion shopping centre. The Pay Pass I used it at KFC and no problem at all. Yes, I collected the card by myself at the EON Bank Pavilion Branch. I got it at the same day I applied but have to wait 2 hours. About the Combi card, im not sure, sorry hehehehe

  • n|ck

    Actually i myself already have 2 debit cards which is BSN’s and al-rajhi’s.
    But my problem now is both of the card cannot be use for paypal transaction. al-rajhi’s debit card is accepted for paypal but cant do purchasing transaction. If someone can help me,i want to know about all the debit cards in malaysia which can do purchasing via paypal asap..Thanks all

  • LcF

    n|ck: try PB visa electron debit card

  • n|ck

    erm..i just read from the other forum that EON debit card can also be use for transaction via paypal..actually i already have this debit card before but when itry to add a new card,there is an error :

    “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    so what should i do??
    and i also want to really the prepaid debit card working fine with paypal??

  • Mike

    I never registered my EON bank debit card to paypal, so i dont know the problems or errors that occured. But now Maybank is launching the new Visa debit card combine with saving or current accounts and I heard its great !! I will get 1 and let you all know the feedback later, hehehe.

  • n|ck

    EON combi card is working fine with paypal guys..less waiting time for the card,only for half an hour n only rm10 for new,fast n reliable..but u have to wait for 1 working day before the card is fully activated..

    hope this helps for anyone who’s is search of debit card ^^

  • Rambot

    I have Maybank VISA debit and this was the email I got:–

    “Kindly be informed that registration for online i.e Paypal with Maybank Visa Debit Card is yet to be available.
    The card can also be used for mail, online and telephone order purchases which will be available in the second phase within the year.

    Should you require any further assistance, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service Executives at telephone number 1 300 88 66 88 or 03-7844 3696 (overseas) 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

    Best regards,
    Ernie Suriaty Johari
    Maybank Group Customer Care”

  • LcF

    @Rambot: thanks for the information on Maybank VISA debit card.

  • @n|ck: You can try Tune Money Visa Debit Card, one of the best option so far for online purchases and paypal withdrawal (check out my review).

    So far, there are mentioned thumb up feedback from user of this card.

    Steven Wong

  • AlexTeh

    Do you know how much is the annual fee for Standard Charter Debit MasterCard fee?

  • Mike


    The Standard Chart DebitCard does not charge any fee but you have to pay 1 time activation fee RM10. Also you need to open an account call E-Saver Account to link with the DebitCard. Minimum amount to open the account is RM500 I think. But this account give more interest than any savings account from other bank in Malaysia. Thats what i knew dude

  • O.k, i’ve make my decision.
    Which is i just narrow it down to this 2 debit card. PB visa electron and EON combi. Since i already have PB savings account i also think that PB visa electron is the best option. But i want to know, how about hotel reservation. When it says CREDIT CARD, can i use my PB visa electron to make the reservation.??

    Those with info. pls reply ASAP. Thank you.
    Love your blog LiewCF.

  • Another Q.

    I also want to know can i make the reservation thru’ phone call with both of this card. If i can’t what other option i can use.

    LiewCF, make a review about TuneMoney Red Card. Is it embosed??

  • Jane

    I am confused what’s the difference between Mastercard Debit card and Visa debit card? I have one Mastercard debit card from EON bank and want to registered in Paypal. But just heard from someone that only Visa debit card can be use, any idea??

  • shyboy

    i have 2 debit cards is the Maybank Visa, just tried to add it to paypal and its saying cannot be added. the other one is the RHB MasterCard, havent tried adding it, coz av to go to RHB and activate(fkn 4got my password :) )
    does the RHB mastercard debit work with paypal.
    am also thinking of getting the Standard Chartered debit card, does it work with paypal also?

  • Visitor

    Others debit card available:
    Alliance Bank International Debit Card
    AffinBank Debit MasterCard
    BSN Matrix Visa Electron Card
    Maybankard Visa Debit
    Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card
    Standard Chartered Debit MasterCard
    UOB Visa Electron Debit Card

  • Visitor

    Reply: Andrew (#24)
    Theres’s other prepaid card available rather then AmBank.
    EON Bank Group“Impian” Unembossed PrePaid MasterCard
    EON Bank MOL Freedom MasterCard
    RHB PlusOne eCash PrePaid MasterCard
    Tune Money PrePaid Visa Card

  • miktaz

    thanks for d useful info. but u i have 1 question here. can i use the maybankard visa debit to make any payment using the US dollars? how malaysian ringgit change into us dollars if we one to buy something from overseas?

    • Yes, you can pay USD with Malaysia cards. The currency exchange rate
      is depends on the bank..

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