Delete All Gmail Spam Messages at Once

I am not sure when did Gmail implement this feature. Now, we can delete all spam messages at once. A feature that I requested two years ago.

google gmail spam flush

Although Gmail will delete spams in every 30 days, I am still glad to see the empty spam folder message, “Hooray, no spam here!” 🙂

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  • e-tech

    I’ve been using this feature for ages….i thought it was common knowledge…

  • LcF

    Yes, this post is dedicated to people like me who never click in the “spam” email folder.

  • mine dun hv this feature 🙁

  • Well you guys might want to recheck the email or at least look at the title. Cause sometimes valid email might go in there.

  • Yup, my Gmail still doesn’t have this feature. And no, Gmail does not empty my Spam folder after 30 days – it’s buggy.

  • sometimes i just need to check my gmail spam folder messages. in case of “false positives” —