DiGi iPhone 5 Price and Plans

DiGi iPhone 5 banner

DiGi iPhone 5 price and plans have been revealed by the Malaysia telco. You can now pre-order, then self-collect on iPhone 5 launch date or wait for home delivery.

DiGi iPhone 5 price

DiGi iPhone 5 price

DiGi iPhone 5 price

DiGi does not subsidize the iPhone 5 much, only up to RM187. No different on DiGi iPhone 5 price in between different iDiGi plans (DiGi’s iPhone plans).

DiGi iPhone 5 plans

DiGi iPhone 5 plans overview

DiGi iPhone 5 plans overview

There are three DiGi iPhone 5 plans: iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138, iDiGi 238. The monthly commitment is RM60, RM93, RM161, respectively. The included calls, SMS, MMS are applicable to all Malaysian mobile networks.

DiGi iPhone 5 is tied to a 24-months contract. You can not buy DiGi iPhone 5 outright (no contract).

Buy DiGi iPhone 5

You can buy DiGi iPhone 5 via DiGi Store Online or your nearest DiGi outlet.

For iPhone 5 pre-order, DiGi now left only 16GB model (black & white). The 32GB and 64GB are out of stock!

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