How To: Disable Twitter Email Notifications

Twitter email notification

Twitter starts sending email notifications for Twitter reply or mentioned. For you who are Twitter active, you may not want Twitter to flood your mailbox.

Fortunately, you can opt out of receiving these notifications at any time. Here you will learn how to stop receiving Twitter emails.

  1. Go to your Twitter’s notifications settings
  2. Uncheck ALL check boxes to stop receive ANY email notifications from Twitter.
  3. Click “Save” button to save your settings. Done.

For me, I unchecked “I’m sent a direct message” and “I’m sent a reply or mentioned” to stop receiving email when I got direct messages, replies, and @mention in any tweet.

Do you think Twitter email notification is handy?

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  • This was the most annoying development from Twitter EVER. I do understand you can turn it off (which I did) but it really is silly. Like, I see no point to having added this – they should have added a worthwhile feature or something.

  • Not applicable

    I want out. Period. All sports, I’m not interested. Don’t want any part of it.

  • I killed off my Twitter accounts when I discovered that no matter how hard I tried to stop the emails, they kept coming. Even when I deactivated the account, they still emailed me. I was never interested in “Tweeting” or having followers. I travel constantly and pay per MB for data received abroad so a load of emails from Twitter such as “do you know these people?” (I knew none of them) “people you might want to follow!” (I just wanted to look at Twitter now and then, not live my life through Twitter) …. I really don’t miss Twitter at all.