Download Firefox 3.6 RC1

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Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate (RC1) is now available for download.

Firefox 3.6 is build on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform (3.5 uses Gecko 1.9.1) with the following new features:

I installed Firefox 3.6 RC1 and “feel” (no serious testing done) that it is much faster than Firefox 3.5.7. The loading speed of Facebook homepage, which use A LOT of Javascript, is improved quite significant.

All the Firefox add-ons that I am using (20+ of them) are either support or compatible with Firefox 3.6 RC1. Great!

Have you installed Firefox 3.6 RC1 yet? Download it here.

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  • Kevin Chong

    I can’t wait to download it now. I think so, it provide more feature, function and fast than the edition of Firefox before.

  • Yes! Downloading. hahaha!

    • Kevin Chong

      I am download it already. I feel fast than edition before. Good point out, liewcf.

  • This is a great download!

  • Dhion Malaysia Dating

    Yeah… It’s cool.. Can’t wait to try it

  • Dhion Malaysia Dating

    Yeah, it’s good. It’s faster and interesting. I recommend you all to download this

    • Kevin Chong

      Now, I am using the Mozilla Firefox 3.6 RC1 now.

      • The Firefox 3.6 final has been released.

        On Thursday, January 21, 2010, Disqus

  • bravo!

  • I download it immediately and its realy fast.

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