Download Free Camtasia Studio with Serial Key!

Camtasia Studio 3Camtasia Studio is a screen recording software for demos, presentations and training. The software company, Techsmith is currently running a promotion of their latest version of Camtasia Studio 5 by giving away Camtasia Studio 3 for FREE!

How to get free Camtasia Studio 3?

  1. Download the free trial version of Camtasia Studio 3 (28MB)
  2. Register yourselves at the promotion page and the registration key will send to you by email.
  3. Install Camtasia Studio 3 and register it with your software key to have a full working version (no expire) of Camtasia Studio 3!

If you like the latest Camtasia Studio 5, you can upgrade to it with 50% discount ($149). The full price is $299.

Don’t miss the chance to get the great software for FREE!

[via The Warrior Forum]

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  • Awesome deal. This is one of the best software to make demos so don’t miss out!

  • This software is really good. Even I think this is the best software for screencasting ever.

  • dicky

    Wah, really awesome! I wonder why they give this promotion? Or they want to use Camtasia 3 to promote Camtasia 5?

  • LcF

    @dicky: yes, give away version 3 to promote version 5. But you can still use version 3 if you don’t feel like to upgrade.

  • Sally

    I got several e-mails on that promotion, mostly said Camtasia Studio version 3, but one said version 4 – download the software at, while its registration key at I thought it’s a typo, so I went to its link, but the traffic was heck soooo heavy! I’ll check again tomorrow when US/Canadian are sleeping, hehehe.

    You can upgrade to the latest version 5 at 50% discount off the regular cost, but am unsure until when will it be valid, so grab yours IF you feel the need to “stay current” lah… 8)

    And you know what? SnagIt is also free! —>, the licence is at Go ahead, this one can be your great photo companion, just like Google’s Picasa!

    There you have them both, grab any or all while you can! B’coz the Camtasia 3 is usually priced at $300, while version 4 at $600; and the SnagIt is at $30. Well, correct me if I’m wrong on these prices, and I’ll correct those who actually told me so, :p

    Anyways, while there seem to be no strings attached, there actually ARE: 1) You must give your e-mail address, or else you can’t unlock the software, thus can’t use lah, and 2) The half-price upgrade. In addition, it’s a nice way of getting traffics to your Website/blog, isn’t it? And, popularity increase too! (at #1, I’m talking about opt-in/mailing list, or simply attracting more subscribers)

    Good luck!
    P/S: You may also want the 100% free Open Office, hehehe.
    P/P/S: Don’t forget to thank Mr. Techsmith, the creator of all those freebies! 🙂

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    This software is really good. The best software for screencasting ever.

  • Great! Now I can use a proper screen capture software for my online video production course.

  • bylsan

    thanx for the software and it is really usefull for me

  • Bssfdf

    EI, i need the serial key of the camtasia 5.
    please!!! help

  • asdsad

    me too. I need serial for camtasia 5 :S

  • ohal1

    Can I get a key for Camtasia Studio 3. They have stopped giving out the key for some reason.

  • Suzanne

    Me too! 😉 Anyone have a key … for either version? Please … pretty please? Thanks!

  • [email protected]

    Is it true that they are not giving the Key for free anymore … if anyone has a key .. just send it to me … thanking you in advance for any help in getting a key for Camtasia 3.


    • it was a limited time offer.