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Microsoft Windows Vista

Update: Microsoft Windows Vista has been officially launched. Here is the Windows Vista and Office 2007 Price List in Malaysia

Skip the following nonsense, grab your copy of Microsoft Windows Vista (Beta 2) now! It’s FREE!

Microsoft is providing a limited number of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2, either by online download or DVD. Anyone can get a copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 by visiting the Microsoft Beta Experience website.

Please note that Microsoft will withdraw the offer very soon. Grab your copy NOW!

I am downloading Windows Vista Beta 2 now. It is a 3.2GB ISO disk image file. I also got a Windows Vista product key, which is needed to validate my copy of Windows Vista later.

Since it is a Beta release, the Windows Vista Beta 2 will be expired on July 1st, 2007.

Is your computer capable of running Windows Vista? Check it here.

My two cents

Well, I am sure that you will get more working copies of Windows Vista in the pirated software market. These are BETA release, that will be expired in 2007.

[via Ian Moulster’s blog]

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  • UncleJim

    July 1st? That’s in 2 days’ time. Not worth the 3.2GB.

  • LcF

    Uncle, it is year 2007. You have one year to play with it. :)

  • e-tech

    Anybody downloaded and tried it? bout you LCF?

  • LcF

    I am still downloading… 20% done.

  • uncleJim

    Oops, where are my glasses now? *blush*

  • sg GOD

    I downloaded…tested…deleted! haha..yeah..
    First thing, You have to remove ‘Norton Antivirus from your system’ Norton Antivirus wont work with Vista (while installation itself, it will ask you to remove). Then the question will be once installing Vista, how to secure the PC? yeah microsoft suggest some kinda Antivirus…erm which may not make you happy if you’re used to Norton..

    Apart from that many programs that currently running in Windows Xp wont run in Vista…You may feel happy to have a look at the ‘New Vista’ but backup and save important files/datas before you install! As microsoft has already warned this is not for Home use! Yes it is true!

    A bit irritating too.. First i downloaded for one and half day and was excited to install i formated my Laptop and tried installing..But at 2% it show error ‘vista installation error 80070241’ for detail you can search google. Lot of people had this error. If you get this error..erm thats it you have to download again. so wait for another 1day or (and half).

    What else…my computer is again formatted (2nd time) to install windows XP (otherwise i cannot do Vista not instaling and computer is already formatted).

    I downloaded the second time…but this time, i didn’t write it to DVD..instead used the ISO image with ‘Daemon tools’ and crearted a virtual drive and installed from there..yeah worked fine. But was so irritating..lot of programs dont work.

    Again, i formatted my Notebook(3rd time) and installed Windows XP..Now im using XP… haha

    So…Wishing you a Happy Formatting — Installing — Formatting —the process continues… haha

  • sg GOD

    And by the way… Liew, Your entry at the end of the Post, you have typed it as 20007…haha i guess we all expire before the beta2 expire.

  • LcF

    Beta version is for testing purpose only, testing the operating system, not testing WinXP softwares on Win Vista. Yeah, the 20007 was a typo. Thanks.

  • sg GOD

    Yes true! its was ‘testing’ purpose only! thats why i shared my experience. Because lot of people use other softwares everyday. If that doesn’t work with Vista, its gonna interrupt the normal works.

  • LcF

    thanks for sharing


    Err….Vista doesn’t seems promising…

  • 大马游子论坛

    What a big file…i won’t try it since my XP doesn’t give me any problem :) I think official windows copy will be launched somewhere in 2008….what do you think?

  • LcF

    I think Windows Vista will be launched in end of 2006 or early 2007.

  • Hole

    Umm… Can You Guys Tell Me the website to download Windows Vista

  • David Richmond

    I have been trying to get a copy of win vista and cant get one can someone tell me how to get a free copy




    yo the link above does not work…. “the customer preview shit has ended”. :(
    i thought it said july 1?? wtf

  • LcF

    @Peter: Since it has been released, the beta version is not available anymore. The installed Windows Vista beta will be expired on July 1st, 2007. Then, still need to buy a Windows Vista license.

  • ranjan

    download the vista beta 2 please sir

  • pi pip

    cant down

  • Aryan

    Well ,Windows vista beta is a software which gives a pleasing view to the appearance on ones computer. It should be liked by all.

  • sean

    is there anyway to get vista to look and act more like xp? i dont know where anything is on vista

  • LcF

    @sean: take a look at this video tip: Make Windows Vista Look Like XP

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