Warning: Spam Messages from Your Facebook Friends

Today I received my first ever spam message in my Facebook Inbox from a friend’s Facebook account. Have you received similar spam message before?

facebook spam message

The multiple recipients message with a subject line “hey” and the message body is:

You weree sighteed on our seccret ccamera!

The bit.ly short URL redirected to an error page with text

“Traffic Back URL not using.”

Seems like the spam page has been removed. The domain name “bestdatingdirect.com” looks like a dating site. But visit the root domain page, only shows a online contact form.

Although the Facebook spam message does not do any harm to me, but it means that Facebook Inbox messages is no longer spam-proof.

Do NOT follow any website link that you do not know, even if it is sent by your best friend!

The simplest way to check is by sending a reply message and ask your Facebook friend to confirm about the website link sent to you.

Have you received similar spam message in Facebook before? How did you deal with it? Have spammers attacks your Facebook friends? Have Facebook spammer flood your Facebook news feed?

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  • I received lot of SPAM promoting CPA Lose weight offer last 2 days.

    Just ignore it

    • Kevin Chong

      Yeah, My method is to identity is to dentity isn’t the spam message first ? And then to ignore or directly to delete it at all.

  • Kevin Chong

    Until now, I have not received any spam message in my Facebook inbox, I just only received the message of Malaysian Tourism ads. My best advice is to ignore it or delete it as you don’t know what is that include the link, sometimes the link is the spam link, So we must be careful it. Do you agree my advice ?