OMG! My Facebook Account Got Suspended! (and, How to unblock Facebook account)

unblock suspended facebook account

How to get Facebook suspend your account?

I was editing my Facebook profile contact information. I added a new email address and Facebook sent confirmation to the new email address, as well as the primary email address. Then, I cancelled the request in my primary email inbox…

Boom! Facebook account suspended! (that was stupid!)

How to unblock suspended Facebook account?

After Facebook suspended account, you would get a notification page telling you that your account has been temporarily suspended and related information.

It takes only 4 steps to unblock a suspended Facebook account.

First of all, a security check to make sure you are human. Then, Facebook ask you to change your email password(s) for security reason.

unblock suspended facebook account

Step 3, create a new password for your Facebook account.

unblock suspended facebook account

Finally, Facebook shows some useful account safety tips for you.

unblock suspended facebook account

Done! Facebook account unsuspended!

My two cents

With over 500 million users, Facebook takes account security very seriously. The account unblock process is easy and included informative information to protect your account.

Has yours or your friend’s Facebook account got hacked before? Learn how to get notified when someone hacks your Facebook account.

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  • That is a strange behaviour from Facebook.
    I never have my account suspended (and I hope it is not going to happen anytime soon) but I am still going to save your article in my bookmark, just in case.

  • I guest FB is not intelligent enough

    • Alex Madison

      there is no system in this world were safe enough to avoid hacker’s attack even the FBI’s system has been hacked

  • jjennyhow

    wah,, what an unexpected situation! Luckily you manage to restore it.

  • jjennyhow

    wah, very unexpected situation! Luckily you manage to restore it!!!

  • Iklan Baris Gratis Murah

    Maybe you login from other country ip ?

  • 9uhjuioh

    Ugh , on security check it says error . please help me !

  • applelady

    my failbook account has been suspended to today. yes they ask you to follow step by step. but i successfully did it! huhu T__T so hard..hate!

  • Byron_sulse

    but i dont wanna change my password

  • seema

    but in the step two the process has been stopped. what can i do?

    • change your email password then tick to confirm. then proceed to next step.

      • Susie

        Just after step 1, it says “waiting for…” and that never gets any further. Can you help me get past/through this, please? I have already changed passwords in all associated email addresses.

        • I can’t help as I am not working for Facebook.

          You might want use a clean web browser (clear all cache/cookies) and start it all over again.

  • alee

    mie imi arata 6 pasi….si imi zice sa scriu problema ! CE POT FACE ???? sa il readuc inapoi X(

  • Dark_hunter11

    mines have been temprarily locked and they want me to send my ID to them so i can unlock it but i wont send it cuz its dangerous :/ wat should i do to get my facebook account back?? plz help ASAP

    • Since they requested fir your ID then that’s what you need to do to
      recover back your Facebook account…

      • jassen

        yes I made ​​that but nothing appeared in my email

  • Zulfi Raja

    my facebook account has been blocked…plz help me how to unblock….? fb account mail is [DELETE] under named as zulfi raja….thanks

    • I can’t help you to unblock

  • Mcjoe Buenavidez

    pls help me, my facebook account has been suspended, how can i open it

    • Please contact help.

  • Andy from Hungary

    I find it amazing, that in 21st century, in the age of
    globalization, such giants like PayPal and Facebook services are computed by
    small minded enterprenours.

    PayPal and Facebook can not digest, that in the European
    Union, people living in one country can work in another country, or have a
    legit, registered company abroad within the EU.

    Our company is headquartered in Hungary, but registered
    in Slovakia. So we have our slovak Master Card-s to pay for expenses, to run
    our business.

    PayPal and Facebook can not get this. PayPal refusing to
    except our cards, saying this is a fraud to pay with a slovak Master Card from

    Facebook suspended our account, when we tried to run a
    company ad on their platform using our (slovak) company credit cards.

    Will somebody pls tell them, that they are running a
    multi-national business and not a mom and pop shop in some backwater american town?




  • Yasmeenali62

    My FB simply tells me there is a phishing account on my account & temporarily suspended. It takes me through a verification process of identifying pictures.Then.NOTHING.What do I do?

    • CleverName

      Same here! FRUSTRATING!

  • Muizzuddin

    my account still temporary suspended when I spamming. I almost change my password 10 times. I spamming to ask all my friend to like our business pages. How can I fix the problem? every time I spamming, so I need to change my password.

    • Facebook dislike spam…

  • mario contopoulos

    To Facebook Security Check
    Offently, ” I can say daily ‘ you are blocking my facebook page account from sharing and liking hot emails which I receive to my email address.
    With much respect kindly stop spying my facebook page account, and it is none of your bussiness to not allow me to share and like hot emails , since my friends sending to me these hot emails, i have the wright to share and like them.
    I request you wright NOW to unblock my facebook page email account , before I proceed legaly.
    This kind of attitude of spying and blocking members of facebook remind’s me stupid and idiot not progressive people.
    Kindly once again, with all my respect, I request you to UNBLOCK my facebook email page account NOW.
    Your prompt reply will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Sorry, but this is *not* facebook.

  • Jeanne

    Not that simple.. they show you pictures of things on your friends page and you have to identlfy who it is.. and if you are like me I have 700+ and I can not identlify dogs and cats and other pictures they have