Firefox 3.5 T-shirt, anyone?

With the release of Firefox 3.5, Mozilla Store has added Firefox 3.5 t-shirt for pre-order.

Firefox 3.5 t-shirt

The front of the tee features Firefox 3.5 tag cloud; back features Firefox logo and wordmark. The price is USD$ 19.15, exclude shipping.

The shipping fee for single shirt to Malaysia is USD$ 14.55 (registered mail). That’s expensive. Threadless only ask for USD$9 for shipping.

I would need to pay more than RM120 to get a Firefox 3.5 t-shirt…

Any Malaysian wants to buy the Firefox 3.5 tee? Maybe we can do a bulk order.

P.S. 24 millions (and counting) copies of Firefox 3.5 has been downloaded since released.

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  • fr33mumia

    liew..its too expensive 🙁

  • Ervin Ter

    That is expensive for a tee.

    • ya, it is. consider that as a support to Mozilla team 🙂

  • AhTim

    I wear collar shirt instead of tee 🙂

    PS: Compact IntenseDebate. Nice.

    • LcF

      i seldom wear collar shirt. Tee is my love 🙂

  • It is nice… but so expensive for a t-shirt! =(

  • The funds go back to the Mozilla Foundation.

    I got mine abt 2 months ago from a fren in UK, who brought it over here, so saved on shipping. Not Firefox 3.5… just Firefox.. but at least it won't go outdated 😀


    Good T-shirt.

    But I don't like it, it is expensive for me., simple design

  • I like the tag cloud design on the back of the 3.5 Firefox t-shirt, but I'm more of a over the heart logo when it comes to a logo on the front. I wish they hadn't centered the logo on the front. Even absence of a front design and I may have considered buying one. But @ $23.95 I tend to be a bit more picky.