FreeBSD Logo Design Competition Winner

FreeBSD has announced the winner of the FreeBSD logo design competition — Anton K. Gural. Here is the new FreeBSD logo.


And, his original submission.

Here is the previous FreeBSD logo, the red daemon.

My two cents

The new logo is cool. I like the glassy look. The new FreeBSD logo looks more professional and stylish.

The previous logo is cute. I used to have a small red demon toy when I was a kid. I never knew it was the FreeBSD daemon until I learned about the FreeBSD many years later.

I think many girls like the red daemon too. One of my friend is using the FreeBSD daemon as her instant messenger avatar. I doubt she knows what it is. 🙂

P/S: Searched Google for “freebsd logo“, I found two hot FreeBSD logo: here and here (18SX).

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  • Andrew

    The daemon is not really a “logo”, just a mascot. It remains the mascot even with the adoption of the new logo. Previously, the closest thing the project had to a logo was stylized text “FreeBSD” with the daemon of to the side.