Updated: LOL! The Unofficial Apple iPads

Many people (including myself) dislike the name of latest Apple tablet, iPad. As soon as Steve Jobs announced the official name, there are jokes on the name.

iPad. Like a tampon. Only more expensive.
“iPad. Like a tampon. Only more expensive.” (image by BStephenson)

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Even more amazing, the name Apple iPad has been predicted in year 2006 and they made a video of it!


My two cents

I guess Steve Jobs wants to keep the “P” character after “i” in the product line (iPod, iPhone, and now iPad). What do you think?

Would it be better if use other names like “iSlate”, “iTablet”?

Despite the name, will you buy the Apple iPad? Vote here!

Update: One more!

[via LiewZY]

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  • since the ipad is a bigger version of ipod touch, the should rename ipod touch to ipod touch nano and the new ipad as ipod touch

  • People also made jokes about the original iPod yet it still sells in the millions. Same thing here for the iPad. Besides, Steve already expected it and said “iDon’t care”.

  • Kevin Chong

    Yeah, It will be better. Good idea, he still in the way to shape out the brand of product Apple.

  • Nagobonar


  • tour in india

    my personal opinion/comparrison….apple has the most expensive MP3 players on the market, with the least amount of usable features. i mean C’mon….$150 for an 8GB nano….and you dont even get an FM tuner…rediculous.