Gawab – The Largest Free Email Account in the World!

Guys, here I introduce you another super big (2GB) free webmail — the!

Never heard about Gawab? Me, too. :P According to the website title, it has 1,832,820 users. Will it shows that it is stable enough to be your daily access personal email account?

Gawab 2GB free webmail features:

  • 2048 MB FREE account
  • POP/SMTP Support
  • 50 MB Attachments
  • SPAM/Virus Protection
  • 15 Interface Themes
  • 14 Different Languages
  • Unlimited Number of Folders

Immediately, I registered a Gawab account. :mrgreen:

So, what’s special about Gawab?

  • It accept short username, which is not accepted by other free webmail providers. I registered 3-characters username, “L C F”!
  • You can select themes of your webmail interface. Each theme has special topic, like kids, islamic, romance, outlook, yahoo…
  • Choose your own language, example: arabic, indonesian, etc. But doesn’t have chinese language.
  • The Gawab loading speed is surprisingly fast! No idle waiting time.
  • Support HTML editor for Internet Explorer users, Mozilla/Firefox users get plain text editor.
  • One thing special about the email editor is that it has online arabic editor support! Nice if you type in arabic but not using Arabic OS.
  • Like Yahoo! mail, Gawab has calendar and can receive emails from other POP mail account, too.
  • Message tracking – Gawab allow you to send email with tracking feature, to know your mail is read by receiver or not. The technology is including a 1px*1px tracking image along the email message.

Will Gawab suddenly stop the free mail service? If the amount of users are truth, I think it is quite stable. Do we really need 2GB space? Currently I am using about 30% of Gmail 1GB space, I think I will need a BIG one like this – to store those BIG attachments (so that can forward to friends much much faster) ;)

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Besides Gawab, here is a list of free Gigabyte(s) webmail I have mentioned before:

  • Gmail (1GB)
  • SpyMac (1GB)
  • AventureMail (2GB, but death)
  • RediffMail (1GB)
  • Walla! Mail (1GB)

Hmm… now I have total of 6GB webmail space! :lol:

*Credits to JBVM from tmnet.communities

Updated (30 July 2004):
No more 2GB from Gawab, but added free POP3 email account.

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  • AventureMail (DEAD, not death)

    yar, i checked out gawabmail. from middle east. very clean site design. i’m happy with my hotmail, yahoo & gmail oredi, no need another account :)

  • Thanx for the info .. but having too many email accounts will confuse your friends! :lol:

  • JBVM

    aw shucks .. credit to me ? :oops: really, just happy to share. Regards.

  • great! another online diskspace for me. :wink:
    who’s talking about using it for friends/family? i’ll use it
    for myself only.

  • Knight

    eh ? when i visit the site it mention for 1001MB only ?

  • Mossie`Ol Chin

    bwahahahaha….. you not in kiasuland like me oso so darn kiasu ledi…. muahahah!

  • yeah, the aveture mail still alive. just test and try it just now.

  • faisal


  • faisal


  • LCF

    Another 1GB Free e-mail from Maktoob at “supports Arabic & English” :cool:

  • Hana

    how come it only says derez 1001 MB on the gawab account? :neutral:

  • iNfernum

    how come, still offers 2gb email accounts, i just signed up there and my account is 2gb, check

  • LcF

    huh? I just went to, it stated 1001MB only.

  • iNfernum

    LcF, No man, it works as 2GB, 2048 MB with me, i just signed up yesterday, and now i signed another account and it is 2GB!

  • LcF

    Hmm… seems like it is not do what it advertise at the homepage. Good for you then. ;)

    But, why you get 4GB for what har? :shock:

  • susil

    better service

  • Akita Ken

    You heard of Hellacious before? They have a 100GB free email account.

  • samboy

    i would reaalyyy like to have thi account!!!

  • vishwa

    gawab id really superb…bcoz i like feature of Track message..


  • krishnan

    try 3Gb mailbox.. and free :grin:

  • globaltax

    :neutral::idea::idea::lol:want to have email

  • pamchi_21

    Xasa mail offers a 4gb free e-mail account while offers only 2 gb account but it’s more convenient if you choose because it’s cleaner and easy to use.

  • dude is also providing free email domain hosting service apart from this they are providing free sub domain email service fantastic they are so my so anybody guys interested in my email service powered by so kindly signup this email

  • umer

    hay guys
    i need help. im in real trouble . i got an gawab email id i got some important emaisl there but its not working any everytime i browse for it takes me to search place . dose not open the sign in page i am really very much worried if some one knws about my problem then please let me know . ill really appriciate. my email address is sweetumers at hotmail dot com. its on urgent bases.

  • LcF

    @umer: I tried, it is ok. Try to use another web browser or PC to access the site.

  • umer

    hay LCF
    thanks alot for replying me i tried both ways i used another PC on the same network it didnt worked there aswell at that PC it responded the same and took me to search place then i downloaded the Mozilla firefox but it didnt worked aswell can you guide which browser i should use nd where i can download it please reply me i am in real trouble.

    ill appriciate your help.

  • LcF

    @umer: I suspect your Internet provider or network blocks the website.

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