Gawab – The Largest Free Email Account in the World!

Guys, here I introduce you another super big (2GB) free webmail — the!

Never heard about Gawab? Me, too. 😛 According to the website title, it has 1,832,820 users. Will it shows that it is stable enough to be your daily access personal email account?

Gawab 2GB free webmail features:

  • 2048 MB FREE account
  • POP/SMTP Support
  • 50 MB Attachments
  • SPAM/Virus Protection
  • 15 Interface Themes
  • 14 Different Languages
  • Unlimited Number of Folders

Immediately, I registered a Gawab account. :mrgreen:

So, what’s special about Gawab?

  • It accept short username, which is not accepted by other free webmail providers. I registered 3-characters username, “L C F”!
  • You can select themes of your webmail interface. Each theme has special topic, like kids, islamic, romance, outlook, yahoo…
  • Choose your own language, example: arabic, indonesian, etc. But doesn’t have chinese language.
  • The Gawab loading speed is surprisingly fast! No idle waiting time.
  • Support HTML editor for Internet Explorer users, Mozilla/Firefox users get plain text editor.
  • One thing special about the email editor is that it has online arabic editor support! Nice if you type in arabic but not using Arabic OS.
  • Like Yahoo! mail, Gawab has calendar and can receive emails from other POP mail account, too.
  • Message tracking – Gawab allow you to send email with tracking feature, to know your mail is read by receiver or not. The technology is including a 1px*1px tracking image along the email message.

Will Gawab suddenly stop the free mail service? If the amount of users are truth, I think it is quite stable. Do we really need 2GB space? Currently I am using about 30% of Gmail 1GB space, I think I will need a BIG one like this – to store those BIG attachments (so that can forward to friends much much faster) 😉

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Besides Gawab, here is a list of free Gigabyte(s) webmail I have mentioned before:

  • Gmail (1GB)
  • SpyMac (1GB)
  • AventureMail (2GB, but death)
  • RediffMail (1GB)
  • Walla! Mail (1GB)

Hmm… now I have total of 6GB webmail space! 😆

*Credits to JBVM from tmnet.communities

Updated (30 July 2004):
No more 2GB from Gawab, but added free POP3 email account.