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Google launched Google Drive today with 5 GB free cloud file storage. Like other cloud storage such as Dropbox (referral link) and Microsoft’s Skydrive, Google Drive allows you to sync, access and share files on the web, on your computers, and mobile devices.

Google Drive video:

For example, when you save a file in Google Drive’s folder on your PC. It will automatically uploaded to Google Drive server. Then, you can access the file on the web, your mobile device and other authorized computer(s).


p>Google Drive has merged Google Docs that you can share files and edit them together. File revisions are automatically saved and keep for 30 days.

With the Google search power, you can search for content by keywords, filter by file type, and more. Google Drive can even recognize objects in image and text in scanned documents (OCR).

Google Drive is seamlessly integrated with Google products. You can easily share videos and pictures in Google Drive to Google+. Instead of attaching an email attachment, you can now send a link from Google Drive in Gmail.

Google Drive on the web supports over 30 file types that you can open right in your browser without the associated software installed on your computer.

Upgrade options

Every Google Drive account comes with 5GB free storage. Google Docs and files converted to Google Docs format do not take up storage space. You can choose to upgrade to 25GB for USD$2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or 1TB for $49.99/month. Up to 16TB available! Your Gmail storage will also expand to 25GB when you upgrade to a paid account.

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Google drive folder screenshots
Image: Google Drive folder on Mac OS X

Google Drive is available for PC and Mac, as well as Android devices. iPhone and iPad apps are coming soon in weeks. Linux users need to wait for Google’s future announcement…

My two cents

I am kind of disappointed that Google do not make iPhone/iPad app available at the launch date. (Maybe the app held by Apple?)

As far as I observed, the Google Drive app for Mac is only for you to upload files and access Google Drive files. It does not offer file sharing and revision view features like Dropbox app.

Google Drive is best when you work on the web: access files anywhere, open files without software, etc. Great for Chrome OS, the Google’s operating system.

Update: Some users do not get their Google Drive immediately. Read more here.

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  • Waterman

    Doesn’t anyone have concern about privacy issues ?

    Look, google knows all about you. Your emails (and consequently many sensitive info) are in the gmail, phone info in your android smartphone, your life can be gleamed from your searches in the google search engine, your works in google drive, your income in google adsense, where you plan/have been in google map.

    And for people who make money online, our businesses income is also dependent on the google search ranking.

    Can’t anyone see how google knows and controls your life more than your own mother?

    I am very worried about this. We let google become so crucial to our life, we let google come into our home and be part of our family.

    Right now google seems like an intimate friend. But how much more will you let google knows about you?

    I do not plan to use google drive (although i think it is awesome). I am not paranoid. I just don’t want a corporation to to know about my history, my sensitive data, my works etc. It is just crazy.

  • A great marketing strategy for Google Drive is that its 5GB is free. And the extra storage is very affordable. Good job, Google!

  • HealthInfomer,google just compete with dropbox..with 5gb capacity..i think i should choose GoogleDrive..

  • dotleafy

    hope they will release the iphone&ipad app soon.

  • Kashif

    It may be awesome but I would like to prefer Dropbox. Google is copying them.

    • Yes, Dropbox is better. Hopefully Dropbox will revise their pricing soon.

  • Google Drive can be a great asset for anyone who needs it;
    however, I agree with Waterman, do not always put everything about yourself
    online, or better yet, just be extremely careful what you put online.

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