Play Google Pacman, the Free Pacman Game Online


Now you can play free Pacman game online on Google site, anytime!

To celebrate Pacman on the game’s 30th anniversary, Google made a playable Pacman game doodle on its homepage.

The gameplay is very much like the classic Pacman game but you still find the “Google” logo in the map. The game sound can be turned off by clicking the speaker button found at lower left hand side.

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button has been replaced by “Insert Coin” button. Press the “Insert Coin” button will add ms pacman and become 2 pax game!

The great thing about Google Pacman is that it is also playable on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad using touch screen!

While Google doodles only last for a day, the Google Pacman game has been moved to and will be available forever. You can play the free game whenever you are bored. *grin*

Have you played the Google Pacman? What’s your best score?

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  • online contest

    Yes. I did play Pacman when I was a kid. Old time stories~~