How To Export Google Reader Subscriptions to OPML File

Google Reader OPML file

Google Reader OPML file

In case you haven’t known it yet, Google Reader (most popular feed reader) will be shutting down after July 1, 2013.

It is very important for Google Reader users to export and backup their feed data. You should get all your Google Reader subscriptions in an OPML (XML) file format. So that you can migrate and import into other alternative feed readers, either free or paid.

Luckily, it is easy to export all Google data using Google Takeout service, where you can download an archive of your data from Google services.

In this tutorial, we only focus on exporting Google Reader feeds. Follow the instruction below to download a .ZIP file containing your RSS feeds – subscriptions.xml (OPML format).

  1. Login your Google account (the same account you used to get access to Google Reader).
  2. Visit Google Takeout for Reader. You will get an overview of the data’s total files and download size.

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout

  3. Click CREATE ARCHIVE button to ask Google generates a compressed file of your data.
  4. In the next page, you will see the data generation progress. Click Download button to download your Reader data.

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout

    Export Google Reader to OPML file using Google Takeout

  5. The Google Takeout filename format is “[your-google-email]”, example: [email protected] Unzip the file and you will have a few .json files and a subscriptions.xml file. The XML file is what we want – a list of all your subscribed feed URLs in OPML format. (refer to top image)
  6. Now you can take that subscriptions.xml file and import into any feed readers that support feed import.

Have you exported your Google Reader RSS feeds? Which is your choice of Google Reader alternative? Please share it with us in the comment.

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  • rickysoo

    Good. Thanks

  • piggy697

    luckily i saw this, but still got what other alternative feed reader?

    • personally, I use feedly (don’t need import OPML). There are also feedbin, newsblur, fever… you can check out for more alternatives people are talking about.

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