Google Search Result Preview, Love It or Hate It?

Google Search result preview

I just discovered that Google is testing another new feature — Google search result preview.

When you search on Google, there is a new magnify glass after the result title. Click on the particular result will show up a page screenshot preview at the right hand side. Then, you can scroll through the search results and the preview will pop up for each.

The preview screenshot loading speed is quite fast. I guess some background prefetching there. For some page previews, your search keywords will be zoom in and highlighted in the screenshot.

It make scanning search result even easier! No need to visit a page then only find out it is just another junk page.

page preview not found

However, not every page gets a preview screenshot. Without a page preview, it might hurt the click-through-rate (CTR) from Google search result pages.

With Google search result preview, the web design would become more important because Google users will judge your site by the 1st impression (page preview) before they visit.

Do you love or hate the Google search result preview?

Update 1: If you don’t get the new feature. Try to use different web browser and login Google account.

Update 2: The Google search result preview is now live! The official name Google Instant Previews.

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  • perhaps it is time to redesign your blog. Evolve the design, give it a modern touch. I think you’ve blogged about it for quite sometime.

  • Google search result preview is to counter the new web browser called RockMelt.

  • I’m one of the lucky “beta” tester. Too bad the preview is too low res to give any useful info. when you’re searching for info… of cause the info comes first thats why most of the top web sites don’t really care much about making their site visually appearing.