Google SEO: Serving Different Languages Based on Visitor’s IP location is Not Cloaking [VIDEO]

Serving content in different languages based on visitor’s IP location is OK. Do not serve different content for GoogleBot. Automatic redirection to a page in specified language to get it indexed by GoogleBot.In the Google Webmaster Help video, Matt explains that changing web page title and content to visitor’s local language based on their IP address location (geolocation) is OK. It is not clocking, it is a trick to serve different contents to GoogleBot than normal visitors.

Detecting IP address and serve your website content in visitor’s local language make your site user friendly but it DOES NOT help in SEO (search engine optimization). GoogleBot will still only see your English content.

In the comment, some users suggested that in order for GoogleBot to index your localized content, you need to detect visitor’s location and do automatic redirection to a page of the specified language. That way, GoogleBot would index your content in that particular language. If no redirection, only your original content would be indexed.

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