Guardrobo D1 – the security robot

<blockquote><a href=";storyid=2005-06-23T143813Z_01_T113955_RTRIDST_0_TECH-SECURITY-JAPAN-ROBOT-DC.XML"></a>Japanese alarm company Sohgo Security Services Co. displays the company&#8217;s newly developed security robot &#8216;Guardrobo D1&#8242; (R) in Tokyo June 23, 2005. 
The 1,088 millimeters high and 90 kilogramme weight robot, which patrols in a building with detecting ability for a human body, water leakage and fire, is equipped with a fire extinguishing system. 
The robot will be introduced into their security system within a year, the company officials said.</p></blockquote>
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