Warning! Hong Leong Bank Phishing Email

Hong leong phishing email

This Hong Leong Bank phishing email passed my email filter and sit in my Inbox. Delete it immediately if you receive the same email!

The subject line is “Assistance For Internet Banking” and sender email is “[email protected]” (you might receive email from different random sender)


p>The message claims that the bank’s Internet Banking is “experiencing some intermittent disruptions” and requires email receiver to confirm account by following a link which redirect to a fake web page that mimic Hong Leong online banking page: http://s.hongleongconnect.my.fromuk.ru/s.hongleongconnect.my/login_eon.do.htm (domain name is fromuk.ru)

Hong leong phishing site

The phishing web page has a online banking login form that try to steal your Hong Leong bank online banking login information.

Warning! Do not submit your login information!

Keep in mind that your bank will NEVER EVER email you for account confirmation. When in doubt, call your bank customer service.

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