How Did I Receive Money from PayPal

For the first time I received money from PayPal, here I share my experience to accept money from others via PayPal account.

  1. I got an email from PayPal saying that someone has send money to my PayPal account. I am provided a link to accept or denied the payment.
  2. Login PayPal account. I can check the detail of the payment and a button to accept or denied it.
  3. Of course, I accept the payment! PayPal brings me to another page, I am asked to add a credit card info and a bank info. Fortunately, I added my debit card info previously!
  4. Since no local(Malaysia) bank can be added into PayPal, I have no choice but continue without bank account info.
  5. After confirmed, the money is in my PayPal account already. Simple and trouble free!


  • You need to signup PayPal and have a credit card or debit card.
  • It is all right without bank account info in your PayPal account. The disadvantage is that you cannot withdraw the PayPal money from local bank, but you still can do online purchasing using the money in PayPal account(provided the online merchant accept PayPal). Read more about Malaysia banks and PayPal.

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  • wiredpod

    Hi Liew, I have a PayPal acct. It doesn’t accepts Malaysian banks, therefore my question is the only way to use the money in the account is to use it online (as in we can’t actually get the money) but by shopping online for items, am i rite? ‘Coz til today.. my Paypal acct is pretty inactive.. as there’s no mean to use it (even the money comes in).

  • FYI, you can actually ask your Singapore friends to withdraw money from their Paypal accounts.

    I have made various withdraws to my Singapore bank and I have also just made another withdrawal this morning.

  • LcF

    There are Malaysian willing to buy PayPal money at certain rate(normally 3.7). Try to ask in

  • Wah. That’s a good deal. I could do the same too.

  • mpeimpiii


    what type of paypal account do you have ? I’m actually asking cause I don’t know if a personal type account can accept money from others.

  • Ahmad Rosli

    Hi Liew,

    What if having StormPay account instead of PayPal?
    StormPay is also having similar functions.
    Is it applicable (compatible) to that Public Bank Debit Card?
    And you did mention about limit – what is the limit for being a DebitCard holder?

    Thanks & regards.

  • LcF

    @Ahmad Rosli: For StormPay, you can apply for a StormPay debit card and withdraw money from local bank ATM. The limit of debit card is that not every teller accept it and you need to ensure the card has enough credit.

  • shocool

    can i withdraw/fund money from paypal to my PB Debit card?..similar as what they did with credit card?

  • LcF

    No, you can’t withdraw paypal fund, not even with credit card. Because PayPal does not support withdraw fund in Malaysia.

    If you paypal account does not has enough fund, it will auto deduct from your PB debit card credit.

  • shocool

    so,can u suggest if theres any possible way i can withdraw my money in paypal?tq for your previous reply

  • unless if u have bank acc in US..

  • LcF

    @shocool: sadly, it is currently not possible for Malaysian. That’s why we have some UNOFFICIAL paypal buyer who buy your paypal fund at certain exchange rate.

  • Razz

    Hi! Guys
    Who said Malaysian cannot open a US bank Account. I met a guy three weeks ago and I manage to open a us bank account with a US debit Card. If you want to know email me.

  • Lai

    Can I transfer the paypal money to my credit card ah?

  • LcF

    @Lai: no, I don’t think so.

  • Tome


    I just received my pb debit card. so how do I use it to fund my debit card via paypal?


  • Iwurx

    Hi Liew,

    I’m a new PayPal user account and asking for your guide, what is the best way and secure to tranfer fund from PayPal acc. to our malaysian local bank? Thank you for your kind attention.

  • LcF

    For Malaysians, I recommend download a free ebook called MalaysiaPal. It teaches you how to withdraw PayPal funds from local bank ATM.

  • nag

    hello sir i am nagaraju from hyderabad india can i open us bank account from in india

  • Hi, does Paypal accept Maybank debit cards? Does Maybank have debit cards in the first place? Thank you.

  • Yuvaraj


    i am yuvaraj from chennai, how can i withdarw money from my paypal account??? i dont have any us account. All ready i added my Master credit card detaisl in PP.

  • anthraxxxx

    Now I think we can’t accept the payment without adding the US bank account section anymore because PayPal had prompt me to add a bank account everytime I want to accept payment. Are you facing the same problem like mine?

  • LcF

    @anthraxxxx: ya, I noticed it tonight as well. I have wrote to PayPal, waiting for their reply. Are you Malaysian?

  • anthraxxxx

    Yes Liew, I’m Malaysian. Can you keep me informed after they reply? Your help will be greatly appreciated :)

  • LcF

    Read this ebook for methods to withdraw PayPal funds:

  • hold on..
    is maybank atm card called the debit card?

  • LcF

    @cozuni: atm card is not a debit card.

  • Lis

    Have anyone try withdrawing by opening a Singapore Offshore and therafter withdraw from M’sia via ATM? Perhaps this link will be useful

  • LcF

    Now Malaysians can withdraw PayPal funds to local credit/debit cards. click here for more information.

  • @balootisme

    thanks for this info liewcf…

    i’d read your

    now im ready to withdraw… ;)

  • I have a vietnam-based paypal account, can I receive money from other paypal accounts?

  • LcF

    @Lovelycesar: yes, you can receive money from other paypal accounts

  • Alan Africa

    what are the risks with this approach, for instance if you sell something to someone and send it, can they later “take the money back”?
    I heard something like this is happening as a scam
    : (

  • LcF

    @Alan Africa: they cannot take the money back if you have proven that the product has been delivered.

  • jeanne

    I sold something on line. but a buyer want use paypal to send money to me. and ask my paypal account. I don’t safe or not. Can someone tell me?


    • I would say paypal is quite safe. I have using paypal for years and no

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