How to Change AdSense Payee Name for Western Union Payment

Before you can receive AdSense payment by Western Union. You must make sure that your AdSense payee name is EXACTLY same as your government issued ID.

My previous payee name has my surname at the end but my ID name is surname at the front. So, I have to change my AdSense payee name to use Western Union payment method.

Here shows you how to change your AdSense payee name.

  1. Visit Google AdSense Contact Us page
  2. Select Account Issues, then select Want to change my payee name.
  3. Click Continue button
  4. At the new page, enter your contact information (name, email address).
  5. Tick “Yes, I am an AdSense publisher” and enter your AdSense Login Email.
  6. At question, you can use the following template (which I used to change my payee name):

    I want to change my payee name so that I can use “Western Union Quick

    My AdSense payee name is “AAAA BBBB CCCC”, where “CCCC” is my surname.
    But, my name on government issued ID is “CCCC AAAA BBBB”.

    In order to use “Western Union Quick Cash”, please change my payee name
    to “CCCC AAAA BBBB”.

    Thank you.

  7. Click Submit Question button

Now, wait for email reply from Google AdSense Support Team. In the email, I was asked to provide the following account information for security and privacy:

1 – Have you ever received an AdSense payment? If so, what was the amount
of your most recent payment?
2 – What was the first day you received a page impression?
3 – How many page impressions did you get on your first day?
4 – What’s your new payee name?

You can find the information by logging into your AdSense account and checking the Advanced Reports.

After I replied the email, I received another email that my payee name has been updated and I need to resubmit my AdSense tax information.

Done. The whole process should take less than 2 days.

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  • JennyHow

    Thank you for such info! Didn’t know that. luckily my name format matches everything as i don’t hv a chinese name.

  • They changed mine in less than 24 hours! Pretty impressive and efficient!

  • thanks lcf,

    I’ve submited mine for the change. now waiting for the mail to arrive. :P

  • Thanks, Liew…

    Nice info indeed. Just what I was looking for when I opened my Inside-Adsense Group email this morning.

    No more extra charge by the bank to cash our Adsense money.


  • I have opted and hope to be notified promptly to collect WU payments at the nearest CIMB branch. Happy no more high courier fees and slow clearance of Adsense check.

  • Tim

    Yes, me also just changed my payee name on yesterday ! :)

    –blog for dream–

  • FooStuff

    My adsense account still can’t view the payment option for western union, guess have to wait it update. Anyway, looking forward to hear the respond of this method.

  • thanks Lcf,
    how will WU pay you actually ? Do they call you and give you cash or give you cheque ?

  • I’d just receive a reply today…from paypal after requesting for the name change…

    Hello Kevin,

    To update and resubmit your application with the correct payee name, please visit Log in using the email address and password you provided with your application, make any necessary modifications to the form on the next page, and then click ‘Resubmit’.
    Please make sure to resolve all of the issues related to your application before resubmitting. One of our team members will re-review it as per our program policies, as soon as we get the chance.

    For additional questions, I’d encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center ( ) or the official AdSense blog ( ). Alternatively, feel free to post your question on the AdSense Help Forum ( ).


    The Google AdSense Team

    what should I do, kindly advise

  • kucau

    thanks for the tip Liew.

    is this PR 6 new? congratulations!

  • Nur

    Thanks LcF for the info but I have one issue here.

    Let say my Payee Name as on gov ID was NUR SUHAILA BTE AHMAD. How to enter the First and Last Name on Western Union Confirmation option. I’ve tried to put like this:


    The thing is, after I made a changes as above, my Payee Name now become NUR SUHAILA only, there is no way to revert it back.

  • LcF

    @Nur: you can seek assistant from AdSense team about the matter.

  • kakashi

    Hello LCF, i guess they change the format on how to change the adsense payee name. Please check out. I try to change my payee name, but the auto-response sent by google to me said that i did not enter the correct current payee name. But i did enter everything correctly. Can you suggest what should i do?


  • LcF

    @kakashi: thanks for the update. If the new form failed you, you can contact adsense by email by selecting “Other > None of the above” to get the email contact form of AdSense.

  • how to change just payee name

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