Integrate PunBB forum into WordPress

As I promised previously after installed Forum, here I describe how to integrate PunBB forum into WordPress. The softwares used are WordPress 1.2.2 and PunBB 1.2.4. The same method probably works for later version, too.

Rip the header and footer code of your WordPress template. Remember to remove any WordPress template tags from the code, also the CSS stylesheet links of your template. Here I use _HEADER_ as template header code, _FOOTER_ as template footer code and _CSS_ as template css stylesheet links.


  1. Edit main.tpl (remember to make a backup first) that sit in http://www.YOUR_PATH/forum/include/template directory.
  2. Plug in your template header(_HEADER_) and footer(_FOOTER_) code into main.tpl. It will looks something like this:
    < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">



  • You are almost done now. Now we need to tweak the PunBB forum CSS code to make the forum looks better in WordPress. Goto http://www.YOUR_PATH/forum/style/ and edit the CSS code of the PunBB template you are using. I use PunBB Oxygen template, so I edit Oxygen.css.
    In fact, the PunBB forum looks fine after done Step #2 but the font size is very small in Internet Explorer. That’s why I tweak the forum’s CSS code for IE.
  • That’s it. You are done! 🙂
  • Additional: PunBB Plug-ins
    Beside default PunBB installation, I install RSS mod and Active Topics mod from Alex King PunBB Mods collection.

    Hope this small instruction to integrate PunBB forum into WordPress is helpful to some bloggers. Initially, I was planning to use miniBB for my blog but its simple (read: limited) admin control scared me off.