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iPhone message app icon sticky note

Every iPhone Owner Should Buy These Beautiful App Icon Sticky Notes

The iPhone app sticky notes are beautiful sticky notes with default iPhone app icon designs (Message, Mail, Calendar, Contact, Notepad, Clock).

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The Story of LEGO [VIDEO]

In conjunction with LEGO’s 80th birthday, here is the video to tell you about the LEGO story.

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Buy Now! “The Avengers” USB Flash Drives (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America)

A Taiwanese company InfoThink has partnered with Marvel to come up with a set of The Avengers USB flash drives that every fans would like to collect.

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Microsoft Employee Sings a “Resignation Letter” [VIDEO]

Microsoft’s ex-employee, Karen Cheng has a cool idea. Send resignation letter via a song using her own lyric and published the video on Youtube.

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Google’s 2012 Valentine’s Day Animated Doodle, and Love Formula!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Google has updated its homepage with an animated doodle on Feb 14, 2012. Bonus: Google’s love formula!

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The iPod Touch Magician, Marco Tempest [Video]

A magician, Marco Tempest, uses 3 iPod touch with synchronized videos and recorded an amazing iPods magic show.

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McDonald’s WiFi Guide: Windows vs. Mac

This McDonald’s (Australia) WiFi Guide certainly pleased many Apple fan boys. The guide shows the complex steps to connect McDonald’s free WiFi but it only takes 3 steps for Mac users.

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The Flying MacBook Air [Video]

Apple Macbook Air is so light weight that it can even fly! Watch the video of the flying MacBook Air after the break.

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The Girl who has an iPad Head! [Video]

An “iPad head girl” had found walking around Bryant Part in New York City.

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The Real Life Wall-E Robot [Video]

DJ Sures turns a Wall-E toy into life using EZ-B Robot Controller suite. The Wall-E robot functions through voice activation, and uses a built-in eye camera to recognize motion, faces, and colors. He can whistles, sighs, moans, and dances!

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Pants Pocket that Fit iPad 2

Got iPad 2? Tactical Pants Blog has a collection of pants with pocket that fit iPad 2.

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Roswell UFO and Alien Secret Document Revealed by FBI Vault!

Roswell UFO is real, crashed on earth! Alien bodies found! FBI Vault has reveled the secret document kept for years since 1950. Read on for the full text of the document and download link

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Sexy 8-Bit Pantyhose for Geek Chics

What’s more sexy than pantyhose? It’s the 8-bit pantyhose!

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Wow! Gmail Motion Turned Into Reality Using Kinect Sensor!

Using the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) software and a Kinect sensor, USC ICT lab successfully turned Gmail motion into reality!

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If Malaysians Pick the Oscar 2011 Winners…

If Malaysians to determine the Oscar (February 27, 2011) winners by Google searches, the 83rd Academy Award for Best Film would go to Black Swan, Natalie Portman would pick up the Leading Actress prize and James Franco would cause one of the biggest upsets in Oscars history by snatching the Best Actor statuette from the […]

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