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We know many VOIP softwares like Skype that lets you make free Internet-to-Internet calls, but they charge for calling landlines. If there is a new company that lets you make free international landline calls , would you interested? is the company. It offers free International landline calls to over 45 countries and unlimited talk time!

Internetcall - make free internet calls

How to get start?

Goto and download the free Internet Calls software. Register a free account and start calling for free.

OK, it may sound like a scam. I was told by a friend who have using it for months for his company marketing calls. Read on for details.

Are you sure it is FREE?

Well, not really. :P

Free account can make free landline calls for one minute only. In order to make unlimited landline calls, you need to top up your account. The credit deposit will stay untouched as long as you are calling to free destinations (read on following) and remains valid for 120 days. My friend topped up his account with 10 EURO (11.90 USD) and he could start making unlimited free calls.

That means, 120 days free unlimited landline calls to free destinations will cost you only 10 EURO. It’s very cheap, isn’t it?

What are the free destinations?

Here is the current country list of free landline calls:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

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How is the call sound quality?

My friend told me that the InternetCalls sound quality is “acceptable”.

My two cents

I am not sure how long time it will survive. If you or your company spend a lot money on International calls, is worth a try. It is only 10 EURO, afterall.

Have you tried InternetCalls? Please share your experience.

P/S: The other website, has the same offer. It is actually from the same company (see the “About us” page).

[Thanks riatechnology for the link]

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  • Aiya…. another voip…

  • kamemada

    this is good. say Planet Malaysia, can u list down some good voips?

  • I can’t even make one minute call. I tried to dail my house phone, it just say my credit was out.

    Malaysia is in the free country list

  • don’t believe these stupid things cause i paid 10Euro and i called unlimited calls about ten days. after ten days they removed my country. they’re just putting this because if that country’s people get this they remove it turn it to a money maker.

  • george

    hey murat, i would like to know what is your country, so i can take the decision to buy or not buy credit

  • Nicole

    Wow it’s free! I called my house and my dad got a shock when I said I was calling from my computer for free.

  • i like to call my mom and my family

  • Jensen

    Just a little add on, while searching for VOIP services, I found another 2 websites that’s from same company: and Any idea why this company open another 2 different websites?

  • Jensen

    Sorry for double post, just found another 2 from same company as well; and

  • LcF

    they are doing domain name SEO?

  • Jensen

    no idea yet. However, i accidently search and found one useful website tat explain that. I just post the link to check it out.

  • Hans

    If you want to see all the Betamax products (Voipstunt, Voipbuster, Voipdiscount, etc) and want to compare their calling rates you can have a look at
    You didn’t mention that there is a maximum amount of minutes you can call to “free” destinations of 300 per month.

  • Mobilni

    Hello, just add more info – from Feb 2006 I am using Voipstunt and now I move on Internetcalls and I now that’s same company. I phone Croatia and I use lot. Sound is OK, only things what will happen is that after couple day your free county is not on the list. All just change over night. So far I am happy with this. I pay 1,2 cents per minute and you cant beat that.
    So far not bad.

  • uche

    it sure is free i`ve been calling diff destinations on 0 balance and it is 4 real FREE. but then am out of free minutes and can`t make another call until i`ve topped up. am skeptical cos it is not always clear

  • This is stupid. Nobody can make a one minute call. Don’t report things as free when they are worthless scams.

  • yes guys u can make free international calls thru internet now.I m using skype and I’m able to make video calls,video conerencing and group chats..u can visit website

  • ranoshhh

    hey every one this free calls company is rubbish i topped my account and when i call germany it tells me no credit ..

  • Fooled Again


    I’ve checked out all the ‘free’ VOIP services everything from Skype to VOIPCheap to InternetCalls, etc. They all pretty much want your money…duh!

    The ‘free’ is oftentimes deceptive or downright dishonest. VOIPCheap for example, which one of you already found out is owned by the same company or offers the same 300 minutes/week ‘free calls’ is a scam. When I signed up with them I made a total of seven 1 minute free calls in 12 hours, after which I was told my ‘free trial’ was over and I would have to purchase credit.

    You don’t get anything for free. It’s pretty much like the ‘free’ dialup internet days. Remember Juno, AOL, Netzero and the host of other fly-by-night ISP’s that have since come and gone? They are free if you are willing to put up with ads, or quirky services, or misleading offers. Somewhere along the line they want to tap into your wallet.

    What bothers me is the honesty of these companies. If they will entice people into trying their services with BS about 300 minutes per week, and then renege, what will they do with your personal information (email, phone number, credit card, etc.) that they gather when you sign up?

  • heman

    my internetcalls software is in problem that software give my error is registration error 32 sorry due to unknown error your registration is denied. what is this anybody has solution of this problem if they have than inform me thanks

  • hamid

    I am so suprise about the recent problem of internetcalls,around 1 week I could not call to anywhere!!and when I called to somewhere,you mentioned free unfortunately it charged me 0.01euro/min!!! what is this problems? and if you do not afford solving these problems please pay back my money.

  • captaanazareth

    Can I use internet calls from India?

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