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Are you concerned about your business uptime? Keeping your online business available all the time is a critical mission.

DDoS attacks have become a common way for sabotaging businesses, consuming all your resources while jeopardising business continuity and causing revenue loss.

Have you ever wondered where all the unnecessary traffic comes from when your network is under heavy load?

What is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack?

In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, an attacker may use multiple systems to perform a denial-of-service attack, also known as a DoS attack.

By taking advantage of security vulnerabilities or weaknesses, an attacker can easily take control of your online business by overloading or flooding it with an amount of data that it cannot handle.

The attack is “distributed” because the attacker is using multiple systems, which can include yours also, to launch the attack.

What are the signs of a denial of service attack?

If a system that handles the day to day operations smoothly; encounters a period of excessive load suddenly and the services that are offered by the system are experiencing an unusual slow down, then it is possible that you are currently experiencing an attempted denial-of-service attack.

However, the following can be signs of a possible attack:

  • Unusual network congestion
  • Unavailability of a particular service
  • The amount of spam you receive in your mail account
  • Receiving an increased amount of unknown traffic to your site
  • A huge increase in visitors or connection requests over a short period of time
  • Considerable decrease in website performance
  • Legitimate traffic is not being processed
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How do I avoid this and stay protected?

DDoS attacks are inevitable. However, you can easily withstand and overcome attacks by implementing preventative measures offered by trustworthy service providers that offers managed security services.

A reliable service provider must be able to automatically recognise that a DoS attack is occurring within the first few seconds.

The polluted traffic needs to be cleaned and returned to your systems in order for your customers to experience no delay in services.

IP ServerOne DDoS Protection

IP ServerOne’s newest technology helps to mitigate these attacks without causing any trouble to your server performance by Automatically blocking the attack with the ‘Always On’ feature, letting only legitimate traffic through with a peace of mind.

With IP ServerOne DDoS protection, your network will be protected from Volumetric Based Attaacks and Application Based Attacks.

Volumetric Based Attacks

These attacks are characterized by the presence of an abnormal and overwhelming number of packets on the network. Threat actors attempt to consume all available network bandwidth and/or exhaust router, switch and server forwarding capacity by flooding these devices with malicious traffic so that legitimate user traffic is starved.

Application Based Attacks

Application Based Attacks are designed to exploit weaknesses or software defects that exist in the protocols and applications themselves. They attempt to disrupt service by consuming CPU, memory or storage resources in target servers that are running the application so that the application is no longer able to serve legitimate users.

Multi-level Anti-DDoS

IP ServerOne Scrubbing Centres are capable to mitigate against attacks up to 500Gbps on multi-level: Layer 3 (network), Layer 4 (protocol), or Layer 7 (application).

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