Jetpack 2.1 Adds New Photo Gallery Types to WordPress: Tiles, Square Tiles, Circles, Slideshow

Jetpack Tiled Galleries Preview

Jetpack Tiled Galleries Preview

Jetpack, the WordPress plugin combo for self-hosted WordPress site, adds new “Tiled Galleries” feature in version 2.1.

“Tiled Galleries” allows you to display your in-post photo gallery in 4 new styles: Tiles, Squares, Circles, Slideshow. The Tiles and Squares layouts show captions when you hover the image. The new gallery types are mobile devices friendly, too.

Check out the live examples of all 3 options in this article.

Setup Jetpack Tiled Gallery

  1. Install Jetpack plugin to your self-hosted WordPress site.
  2. Enable the “Tiled Galleries” module in Jetpack setting.
  3. Done. Now you will see the new gallery types when creating a new gallery in post.

    WordPress gallery type settings

    WordPress gallery type settings

  4. Optionally, you can set titled gallery as default gallery type by ticking the checkbox next to “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.” under Media Settings (Settings -> Media).

    Set tiled galleries as default photo gallery type

    Set tiled galleries as default photo gallery type

Note: Images in tiled galleries will be served from’s CDN instead of your blog’s web server. It saves your site’s bandwidth.

Compare to default gallery grid

For comparison, here is the default WordPress photo gallery grid:

WordPress default photo gallery grid

WordPress default photo gallery grid

And, here is the tiled gallery type:

Wordpress tiled gallery

WordPress tiled gallery

The tiled gallery mosaic layout looks much better than the WordPress’s default dull photo gallery grid. I have set tiled gallery as default for this blog.

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