LiewCF VS. Darren Rowse

Read about Darren Rowse adsense earning graph, I created my one year earning graph, too, and found the similarity between Darren and I.

Darren Rowse published his two years Adsense earning graph. It is amazing that he took only one year to reach over USD 5,000 per month!

I checked my Adsense stats and found that I joined Googke Google Adsense on September 2004 (one year later than Darren). So, how much do I earned from Google Adsense for past one year?

One Year Adsense Earning Graph

I, too, created my One Year Adsense Earning Graph. I removed the earning figure because it is too shame to show along with Darren’s graph.

Earning graph

The graph looks similar huh? ;) Of course, I am not getting USD 5000 per month as Darren did. I don’t even reach 4 figures per month, yet. (Soon, I believe.)

It Takes Time

What I try to show you is that it takes time to get significant earnings from Google Adsense. Look at the graphs of Darren and I, the earnings are only raising after 6 months with Google Adsense. We don’t get to the level overnight, instead, we worked hard for months without meaningful revenue.

If you just start publishing with Google Adsense, don’t complain about your low earning. Learn from Darren, the ProBlogger. :)


It took me one year from part time to full time blogging. It is fast, I suppose? According to the trend in the graph, I will not reach what Darren is having now for next year, nor any closer than he is. However, I see a good potential there.

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  • “I checked my Adsense stats and found that I joined Googke Adsense”


    good to hear liew…it does take time…i remember in my first month with adsense….the whole month only made me$2..hahahaaaaa

  • BT Khoo

    How long was your site in sandbox, or was it ever in sandbox at all, does the adsense revenue increase the moment the site is released from sandbox ?

  • Hey, that’s one neat graph over there. I’d sure like to be able to have one like you do. My blog is now only 3 months old. So, probably another 3 or more months before I can see a raise in profit?

  • jared l.

    hmm.. how come the y-axis.. shows no figure heh ? ;)

  • LcF

    thanks for the correction, moses. :P

    BT Khoo: I do not remember this site ever trapped into sandbox. My another blog is still in sandbox, though.

    Ahmad Zaki: of coz, you can!

  • how do you find out if your sites got trapped in the sandbox?

  • LcF

    when you site is listed in other search engines (Yahoo!, MSN, etc) but no SINGLE indexed in Google.

  • BT Khoo

    I visited one of the webmaster forum, they recommend this site to check if your site is in sandbox

  • I see…then my site in sandbox lah! damn…

  • cosa

    any recommendation to get our site out of the sandbox?

    one of my site is in the sandbox too :(

  • take it easy dude….its been a tough few months for me too … lots of sleepness nites blogging and learning from sifus like Darren Rowse and Duncan Riley. i started in april 2005 and I got zilch for that month… Then I hit RM1000 after 2 mths…and hopefully to break the RM 5k by next year… Malaysia boleh !

  • ohh… mine oso in sand box… :-?

  • jlchannel

    I hope my Google Adsense can have 3 figure next year :)

  • Hmm =.= i dont get it, why u guys worry so much about sandbox? i have site that purely getting visitor from other search engine other than Google and i still making USD 3 figure a month(close to 4). One more thing, the older your site doesn’t mean you’ll see an increase in earning. So the conclusion is that its not everyone who can make an exponential graph, some might have a flat line in the graph.

  • Dawn

    What brought your earnings into the climb, did you do something in peticular?


  • cosa

    imho, because people use google more than other search engine, so if our site trapped into the sandbox, we’ve lost lot of potential visitors (and potential adsense revenue too)

  • BT Khoo

    Just concentrate on adding content, may be when the flood gate is open, you will get a near vertical graph

  • It’s exciting to see that others have the same experience I do with AdSense. I’ve just passed the 1-year mark of running AdSense. For the first 3 months I only made about USD $5/month. After adding lots of content throughout the year, I expect to soon hit 3-digits a month. It’s not impossible, it just takes time, content, and readership.

  • red

    I guess my new site is somehow trapped. There were no backlinks at all on google search even though they do index my pages (well i just rechecked today there are two backlinks xD)

    about the graphs, i guess it’s similar for almost every website.

  • yippy !! i just broke us 1 for this month. now aiming for two digit income !!

  • I’m the site administrator of and work on Google Adsense ads regularly, changing its colours etc for my website…All I could earn was just around $4 per month which is very annoying to see. I aim for a three digit income but dont even get two digit income. I hope I could earn more with Adsense.

  • TS

    wow he makes that much through just one blog? just amazing!

  • LcF

    no, he has about 20 blogs.

  • Just keep on building traffic then you will soon reach USD5000…
    keep on the good work.

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