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If you do not know Linichen (林依晨), she is a young celebrity from Taiwan. Now, she is a blogger too!

linichen blog screenshot

Linichen blog is hosted at Wretch (famous Taiwan blog hosting site)! She also posted her photos in the photo albums! You can even leave a message to her in the guestbook! Wow! WOW!

Linichen Ariel’s Blog Book

Ariel Linichen  Blog

The fresh graduated Linichen just released a book (now many celebrities write books), titled “Arie’s Blog” (林家女孩依晨的青春部落格). I thought it is a book binded from her blog posts, but it is not. It is only a book recorded her diary for the past four years.

linichen blog


When my younger brother showed me the blog, I do not believe it is Linichen’s blog before I viewed her private photo albums. But I do not agree with her book’s title, it is confusing. Since the book is her diary not her blog, why use the word “blog” (部落格)?

In my opinion, the book just want to catch the blogging fever of the Taiwan youngster. The Linichen blog is merely a promotion tool for her book. For your information, Wretch is popular and it is free. So, it is free advertisement for Linichen book. Well, this is business.

Anyway, she is a cute girl, isn’t she? :mrgreen:

[ Thanks to my younger brother for the link ]

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  • jlchannel

    依晨: Yeah!

  • Simply cute and pretty.

  • this girl is cute….LCF. you should blog more on this type of girls.

  • not cute lah. sweet and very pretty. a face people will be attracted too… even ladies like me (ahem! but not sexually lah!).

  • 部落格 is the Taiwanese translation of “blog”, and it sounds very “community-like”. Like many other terminologies, it is again inconsistent with the mainland Chinese translation 博客 or 網志… I won’t say which one is “better”, as I am a Taiwanese myself so the opinion would be very much biased :)

    And about celebrity’s blogs — as though there’s not enough paparazzi in Taiwan! What you write today will be in tomorrow’s gossip news column. If I am a celebrity in Taiwan, and want to have some kind of private life, I won’t touch “blog” with a ten foot pole.

  • LcF

    Yes, Paul Tan. I am not surprise. Japanese is more advance on technology, even the AV. ;)

  • WTJ

    quite cute

  • yann

    She is cute

  • ben8381

    she is cute n pretty….
    acting in >
    act lyk real….
    veri real lei….
    wonder if she has a real bf….

  • Yuii

    i dun like her, she is ugly..seriously, she and mike ha do not match…

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