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Transformers on Ebay

If you watched the Transformers movie, you have noticed that eBay is mentioned in the whole story line. I believe eBay is the main sponsor of the movie. eBay also created a eBay Transformers page. You can play the Transformers game and win $10,000!

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The U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

Aviva Directory has a great detail article about U.S. laws every blogger needs to know. The article includes information about whether to disclose paid posts, the legal use of images and thumbnails, duty to monitor blog comments, and more. It is a good read for every blogger to stay out of possible law issues. P.S. […]

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WordPress in Malay

WordPress versi Melayu is the WordPress installation package in Malay language. You can also get the Malay language file for your existing WordPress blog. Read “Installing WordPress in Your Language” for instructions. [via Zeo]

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When a Domain is Mispronounced

The Top 30 Easily Mispronounced Domain Names shows the important of choosing the domain name that would not be mispronounced. For example, how do you pronounced “”? Not The-Rapist-Finder, but Therapist-Finder. To avoid unexpected domain name pronunciation, you should check it using DomainsBot Split It tool.

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