List of Malaysian Chinese Bloggers

If you are looking for Malaysian Chinese bloggers (or who blogs in Chinese), you might want to check out the Malaysian Chinese Bloggers Directory (not exactly a ‘directory’, anyway). It has a compilation of Chinese blogs by Malaysians. You may submit your site if you blog in Chinese too.

[ via Passion or Persist? ]

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  • hanneng

    I wish I can find list of Singaporean Chinese Bloggers ~~

  • WTJ

    there’s this bloglah and blogsgator which i think they’re collecting chinese blog from south east asia

  • tedbundyjr

    as a malaysian, do we really need a chinese, malay or indian directory. anway we are malaysian right? 🙂

  • LcF

    yes, we are malaysian. but we have chinese, malay, indian newpapers too. 🙂

  • cimit

    Also a different school,language,and life too.In fact,we are separated in everything.called ‘malaysian’ just to find easy money loh.we afraid to loss our culture.

  • Why not? It’s just a simple online community for Chinese bloggers, a place where all chinese bloggers can discuss and share their blogs.