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ads format 300x250

Google AdSense New Larger Half Page (300×600) Ads Format

Google AdSense added a new “half page” (300×600 pixels) ads format, the largest Google ads size ever.

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adsense optimization tips hangout

AdSense Publishers Shared Their Top Optimization Tips [VIDEO]

Google AdSense published a Hangout video which publishers share their top optimization tips.

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Make Money with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

Beside Google AdSense, now you can make money with your blogs using Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger by promoting relevant products in your posts.

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AdSense: Update New Ad Unit Code and Gain Performance Insights [VIDEO]

With the new ad unit code, you can get ads performance report for ad units, ad sizes, and more. Plus, you don’t need to update the code when you want to change the styles of your AdSense ad units.

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Now You Can Donate AdSense Revenue for Japanese Earthquake Relief

AdSense publishers who wish to help Japan can now donate their AdSense earnings accrued through March 31, 2011 directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

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Google AdSense Ads With Center Aligned Text

Yesterday I saw a new AdSense ads style on my own blog. The large rectangle text ads is showing center aligned text, instead of normal left aligned text.

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Malaysian AdSense Publishers are STILL Waiting for Payments (December 2010) [Update: Received!]

Malaysian AdSense publishers are frustrated with Google AdSense’s late Western Union payment for December 2010.

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Google Adsense

3 Tips to Optimize Your Google AdSense Units for Placement Targeting

Google AdSense blog published 3 simple tips to optimize AdSense ad units for placement targeting so that advertisers spend on your site.

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Here is a Checklist to Help You Make Money: AdSense Checklist

Google AdSense made a checklist to help new publishers setup AdSense account and start earning money. Visit the AdSense Checklist on AdSense U.S. Help Center.

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New AdSense large rectangle ad unit design compared

Hooray! New Google AdSense Ads Designs to Increase Your Revenue!

Google AdSense announced the new design for content ad units. The new formats are more space-efficient and visually pleasing. The redesigned ads performed “extremely well” during testing (read: more revenue).

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How to Write a Better Channel Description for Targetable Ad Placements [Google AdSense]

Google AdSense targetable placements allow advertisers to selectively place their ads on your site. In order to get higher chance to be selected, you have to write a better channel description. Here are some tips directly from Google AdSense official blog.

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google adsense revenue share

At Last, Google AdSense Revenue Share Revealed!

At last, Google decided to be more transparency and shared the revenue shares for two AdSense products: AdSense for content and AdSense for search.

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Google AdSense and Western Union

AdSense Money Withdrawal by Western Union Expanded to 10 More Countries

Google have expanded Western Union Quick Cash as an AdSense payment method to 10 new countries: Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Lebanon, Slovenia, Tunisia, Moldova and Malta.

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How to Make LESS Money with Chitika Premium

Does Chitika Premium really make more money than Google AdSense? Read on to find out the simple test result on my own blog.

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Email from Google AdSense: “Your Payment has been Issued”

I received this email from Google AdSense telling me that my AdSense Western Union payment has been issued

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